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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: [UX] [Call for review] Task Prioritization Survey Questions
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2012 19:38:42 GMT
Hi Kevin,

Kevin Grignon schrieb:
> Hello All,
> I've captured a series of questions for inclusion in an upcoming AOO
> survey. The questions are intended to help us understand which features and
> capabilities are most frequently used in the editors. Insight from this
> survey will help us focus our attention on core task, and help prioritize
> future effort.

The keywords in the modules are all about isolate actions, making up a 
matrix of 62 × 5 for spreadsheet for example. I think those things can 
be better collected automatically, in the kind it was done some time ago.

Are the keywords a proposal and you want comments on them? I ask, 
because for example the keywords for Calc do not cover all things I 
often do in spreadsheets.

> I've captured the questions in a spreadsheet. Please visit the UX wiki to
> download and review the questions.
> *AOO Survey Templates - Task Prioritization*

Comment about "Which type of software do you use the most frequently?"

This question is useless, because nearly everyone uses Writer most 
frequently. Suggestion: Let the person order the modules from most 
frequently to less frequently. Then you get information whether Calc is 
more often used than Impress or not.

For me it would be "Writer with Math", "Draw", "Calc", "Impress", 
"Base". And my rank list shows the second problem, the modules Math, 
Draw and Base are totally missing.

> These questions, along with others, will be included in re-usable question
> packages that can be deployed in LimeSurvey, our new survey tooling. I will
> send out a note on the LimeSurvey effort soon.

What is included in "along with others"?

I miss for example:

- Functional interaction between the modules.

- Question about the task, the user wants to solve. In Calc for example: 
Using as database, making a statistical evaluation, visualize measured 
data, making a calendar or monitor events in time, creating an 
illustrated catalog, using as advanced scientific calculator,...

- Question about exchange with other application, with other persons.

Kind regards

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