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From Kay Schenk <>
Subject Re: Change of 'soffice' name
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:56:33 GMT

On 09/26/2012 02:14 AM, RGB ES wrote:
> 2012/9/26 J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
>> On 9/26/12 8:48 AM, Joost Andrae wrote:
>>> Hi Alexandro,
>>> soffice is an established file name for the binary. If there is a clash
>>> with LO's naming scheme then why should AOO change the name? It's LO
>>> that abandoned the name OpenOffice....
>>> And if you take a look at the naming scheme of the API sun/star/... this
>>> is something you cannot change that easily.
>>> Kind regards, Joost
>> the point is simply that more stuff and functionality is depending on
>> this name. And if we consider to change it we have to collect all this
>> stuff first and should work on a reliable migration plan.
> +1. At least on Linux, the "conflict" between AOO and LibO comes from
> distro packaging: you can install both, AOO and the official LibO side by
> side without problems.
> Just for curiosity: is it possible to put a second launch script, so you
> can start the program with both, soffice and, for example, aoo?
> Regards
> Ricardo

I agree with both Juergen and RGB. I don't know what the case is on 
other platforms, but on Linux, LO basically reassigns the soffice binary 
to libreoffice, the actual program name to launch libreoffice, via 
symlinks. How to undo this is covered in the installation guide.

But I admit, since I only launched LO once and then deinstalled it, I 
don't know if this comes into play later with using it. From what I saw 
initially, it doesn't. It seemed happy to run with the symlinke disabled 
from what I recalled.

Re inclusion of second launch script. Of course, this could be done, but 
I'm wondering about further confusion with this approach. With Linux, 
it's not a big deal but I don't know about Windows, Mac, etc...

>> I see at the moment no pressure to work on this and we have much more
>> important things to do. But feel free to start and keep us informed. And
>> before we do any real changes on the name in the code please inform us
>> about your finding and the migration plan. It's important that we don't
>> break things and avoid confusion where possible.
>> Juergen


"Just 'cause you got the monkey off your back
  doesn't mean the circus has left town."
                     -- George Carlin

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