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From Andrew Rist <>
Subject [PMC] Proposed Initial PMC List and process
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2012 18:35:43 GMT
I would like to propose the following list as the initial PMC for Apache 
OpenOffice, with a procedure for consolidating this list into a final list.

  * The list is made up of the names that received more than 3
    nominations.  This was a spot in the data that had a step.  This
    produces a list of 23 names which is 'no too big, and not too small'.
  * We will reach out on list to the people on the list to verify their
    interest and commitment to the PMC.  This may result in the removal
    of several names.
  * I want to avoid too much discussion on individual names, as all of
    the people who received nominations (and some who did not) have
    given a lot to this project.  If there is a particular person who is
    missing from the list, who has overwhelming merit, they should be
    added to the list through a consensus process.
  * Note that this will be the initial PMC, and that one of the
    functions of the PMC going forward will be to identify those of
    considerable merit and add them to the PMC, continually refreshing
    the PMC to represent the project.

Proposed Process:

  * 48 hour window to build consensus on this process moving forward
  * 48 hour (+48 hour weekend) discussion period (Thurs-Fri + Sat Sun) -
    stabilization of the finalized Initial PMC List
  * 72 hour vote on the resulting list as the initial PMC list (ending
    next Wed.)

Proposed Working List:

    Andre Fischer (af)
    Andrea Pescetti (pescetti)
    Andrew Rist (arist)
    Ariel Constenla-Haile (arielch)
    Armin Le Grand (alg)
    Dave Fisher (wave)
    Donald Harbison (dpharbison)
    Drew Jensen (atjensen)
    Ian Lynch (ingotian)
    J├╝rgen Schmidt (jsc)
    Kay Schenk (kschenk)
    Kazunari Hirano (khirano)
    Louis Suarez-Potts (louis)
    Marcus Lange (marcus)
    Oliver-Rainer Wittmann (orw)
    Pedro Giffuni (pfg)
    Peter Junge (pj)
    Raphael Bircher (rbircher)
    Regina Henschel (regina)
    RGB.ES (rgb-es)
    Roberto Galoppini (galoppini)
    Yang Shih-Ching (imacat)
    Yong Lin Ma (mayongl)

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