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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: [REQUEST] Apache OpenOffice (incubating) - fund allocation for ACEU 2012
Date Tue, 25 Sep 2012 08:17:44 GMT

Thx to Chris, Ross and Lawrence for the fast feedback.

Some comments and furthers question below inline.

On 24.09.2012 17:34, Ross Gardler wrote:
> On 24 September 2012 17:14, Mattmann, Chris A (388J)
> <> wrote:
>> On Sep 24, 2012, at 4:48 AM, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> ...
>>> the Apache OpenOffice (incubating) community wants to spend some of its fund
for ApacheCon EU (ACEU) 2012 - see the corresponding thread on ooo-dev@i.a.o [1].
>>> We are currently discussing the granting processes - see [2].
>>> The purpose of this post is to assure ASF's charity status and to clarify the
actual spending of the money regarding our planned fund allocation.
>>> We want to spend the following money for ACEU 2012 participants from the Apache
OpenOffice (incubating) community:
>>> - 10 x 300/600 EUR for travel expense subsidy
>>> - 30 x 100 EUR for ticket discounts for non-committers
>>> Questions regarding assurence of charity status:
>>> (1) Do the planned spendings violate our charity status?
>> I'm not the person to definitively answer this -- I believe this has to do with legal@
too, luckily
>> the VP, Legal is also on the treasurer list :) so he can help decide if there needs
to be a legal@
>> CC here. To my knowledge though, I think that you already have approval to proceed
based on
>> old discussions I saw regarding this topic on board@, and also based on Ross Gardler
being a
>> board@ guy and Apache OO mentor and bringing this up too.
> I don't speak for the board, however, the board did approve the
> principle of using SPI money for this. I've checked with Jim as
> President and he confirms that he see's no problem. The treasurer list
> was copied on that communication and I reported it back to the ooo-dev
> list. In summary, I believe we are good to go (said with my EVP hat
> since Jim spoke with his Pres hat so it's my problem if this is bad
> information)

great - looks to me that we are on a save way.

>>> (2) What do we need to consider in our planned granting processes to assure our
charity status?
>> I think the most important thing is to make sure that the process is traceable and
auditable, IIRC.
> That is correct. We should also add fair and non-discriminatory. The
> applications process and evaluation process needs to be public (I'm
> assuming this is not a needs based evaluation, if it is needs based it
> will be more complex as privacy is also necessary).

I am taking this advice and will bring it into the current discussion of the 
granting processes.

>>> Questions regarding actual spending of the money:
>>> (1) Is it possible to spend the "ticket discount" money via a special promotion
code in the ACEU 2012 ticket system?
>> Not sure about this :) The ApacheCon folks, or Mellissa, our EA, would probably be
>> good people to ask, so I've CC'ed Melissa here.
> Yes, it is possible. What we need to know (send to is:
> - ticket name
> - discount code
> - discount level
> - promotion start and end dates

The ApacheCon planners confirmed that a promotion code is possible.
Is it ok for ASF treasurer to "pay the bill" for the used ticket discounts to 
the "ACEU 2012 ticket service"?

>> (1a) If not, do you have any recommendation how the money should be spent?
>> (2) What are the possibilities to spend the "travel expense subsidy" money?
>> (2a) Do you have a recommendation how the money should be spent?
> Regarding the above, I'd say come up with a process that is documented, you guys decide
> you want to spend it, come up with a Bill or someone to pay, provide that information
> to the Treasurer@ list (me and Sam) and we'll move forward with the approval process.
> Right now, our bills are paid by having someone with the appropriate karma put a file
> Then, they are reviewed by someone with the appropriate budget authority (e.g., in Travel
> believe that's Jim since he's the President) and then placed in:
> At that point, the Treasurer's office can pay the bill (via wire transfer; electronic
funds deposit, etc.)
> provided that all the information is given to address the payee, and then once we pay,
> move the bill into:

I do not think that we will real bills that need to be paid as the granted 
travel expense subsidy will in general cover only a part of the overall travel 
Is it possible that the treasurer pay money based on the granting process and a 
final confirmation note to the Treasurer@ list?

Thanks in advance for your support.

Best regards, Oliver.

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