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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] [PMC] Proposed PMC List
Date Mon, 24 Sep 2012 14:28:22 GMT
On 9/24/12 10:26 AM, Ross Gardler wrote:
> Just to confirm that I have received no offline nominations.

thanks for this info, it shows that the approach was not so wrong and we
had no real need for this additional option.

I am looking forward to Andrew's summary and from my perspective we
should already start thinking what will be next?

This approach as one of many possible approaches to create a PMC list
will have brought us to a list of names. A list of names where the
majority can live with of better which the majority want to have in a
PMC. I believe that this list would be similar to any other outcome of
any other approach we would have taken and I think we should take it. We
have made clear several times that the PMC will grow over time and that
the initial PMC is only a start.

One possible way to move forward is
1. once we have the collected list, we will ask everybody if she/he is
interested to become a final PMC member or not. We should take known
vacation times into account.

2. As result if 1. we will have a PMC list where we can start with for
the graduation.

3. Start thinking of a good candidate for the PMC chair. Probably
somebody of the list but not necessarily. I would accept any other
nomination but that is probably unlikely.

4. Start voting on the PMC chair

5. Finalize (enhance, complete, ...) our Graduation Resolution [1]
This can be done in parallel if we think something important is missing
or should be added.

6. Continue with the graduation.

7. Keep it simply and don't make it to complicate.

Regarding 6.
I think we have successfully voted on the graduation already and I
believe that we should continue on this. We received feedback and
concerns from our mentors and are working on these stuff. But this is
ongoing and not really easy to measure because it was not really
detailed and more general. The best way to demonstrate that we are ready
is to continue and move forward things that we have to do anyway and
that will help us on different levels. And one of this is graduation!

If still anybody has serious concerns that we should not graduate I
would require that it is put on the table *NOW* and here on the public
list that everybody can see it. And we should require that potential
concerns are detailed enough that we can work on it. Everything else is
wasted time from my point of view.

So let us move forward together



> Sent from my tablet
> On Sep 19, 2012 12:00 AM, "Andrew Rist" <> wrote:
>> (top posting after private messages - I cannot describe the shame I
>> feel...  ;-)
>> I have an option that I believe will handle Andrea's concerns.  I have
>> spoken with Ross and he is amenable to receiving Proposed PMC entries off
>> list.
>> If anyone is concerned about sending their list to ooo-dev, you can send
>> it to Ross ( rgardler at apache) instead, and at the end of the period
>> (next Sunday), he will send an anonymized summary of the votes he has
>> received, along with a breakdown of submissions by committers/PPMC vs other
>> community members.
>> We have received lists from 10 people and have 25 nominees with multiple
>> votes.  It would be great to get even more feedback.
>> A.
>> On 9/18/2012 1:17 PM, Andrea Pescetti wrote:
>>> On 17/09/2012 Andrew Rist wrote:
>>>> * This is not a vote. This is a search for consensus. Please no '-1'
>>>> replies. Let's see what this process produces, and then discuss
>>>> from there.
>>> It seems that the process is working quite well, and that we are on the
>>> right way to bootstrap a PMC by consensus.
>>> I surely don't want to block the current process, but I wonder if
>>> allowing people to "vote" (actually, express preferences) anonymously would
>>> be better for some volunteers/cultures. Our mentors have often stated that
>>> we have secure voting solutions available, but maybe this is overkill and
>>> time-consuming, and it would be enough to allow people to send their lists
>>> to a mentor (if available), who would repost them here.
>>> It is not an issue that I feel personally: it's OK for me to continue
>>> with public messages on ooo-dev. But it could be that others have problems,
>>> and in that case I'd encourage them to speak up so that we can find a way
>>> to ensure that everyone can express their opinions.
>>> Regards,
>>>   Andrea.

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