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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: [QA] Quality of bug reports and QA in bugzilla
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 20:50:15 GMT

Ji Yan schrieb:
> I believe default status is "CONFIRMED" or not is not Regina's concern.

Yes. It is about the fact, that people who are not simple users but 
involved here in the project produce a lot of duplicate or invalid issues.

> reduce "DUPLICATED" defect, it require reporter search BZ carefully to find
> if there is any similar defect opened before, but how to query BZ it
> depends on reporter's knowledge

Searching BZ is difficult. But sometimes it seems to me, they do not 
even try to avoid duplicates.

  and which keyword he used. We cannot make
> zero DUPLICATED defect, but we do can ask reporter query with more keywords
> in BZ before open a new one.  So I think add more common keywords in BZ
> keyword field may help us reduce DUPLICATED defect.

What do you mean with "keyword"? Do you mean the field "Keywords". That 
would not help. You need an intuition about the wording, which are used 
in bug reports. Those words are then entered in the "Comment" field.

Kind regards

> 2012/9/19 O.Felka <>
>>   We have a lot of professional QA folks here: They know how to verify
>>>> their findings and issues. That's a lot of overhead if someone has
>>>> to re-test to confirm a well tested bug.
>>>> So we should trust the QA who has 'canconfirm' privileges.
>>> I don't see much overhead; on the contrary, every careful reporter,
>>> after pressing "Submit", surely goes and check if he did fill everything
>>> ok.  Leaving the default status to unconfirmed works just like
>>> a reminder to be careful.
>> A careful submitter will check before he presses the ok button.
>> Regards
>> Olaf

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