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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject [QA] Quality of bug reports and QA in bugzilla
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 11:47:19 GMT
Hi all,

I notice a quality problem in bugzilla. Far too many issues are in 
status CONFIRMED which should not be there.

For comparing do a search with:
Bug created 'greater or equal' 2008-09-18 and 'less than' 2009-09-18
and status changed from CONFIRMED
and resolution is any of DUPLICATE, INVALID

and same for the next years.

And then do the same with status changed from UNCONFIRMED

You get
2009      >500            3
2010      >500            1
2011      >500            7
2012       204            82

Please, all those who have 'can confirm' rights in bugzilla, be more 
- Your own new issue should be UNCONFIRMED. Someone else should confirm 
your issue, if possible on a different operating system.
- Include duplicates in your search. You might not use the same words as 
the older active issue, but your words are likely used in already 
existing duplicates and those lead you to the active, already existing 
- Make sure it is really a bug, and not only some settings or handling 
you miss.

There are additional problems:
- Operating systems are set to "all" although submitter has only used 1 
- It is not clear, whether a problem occurs only with a special existing 
document or can be seen with new documents.
- It is not clear whether the problem is new in our AOO or is inherited 
from OOo.
- For import/export it is not clear, whether the different formats allow 
a correct mapping, or a mapping is not possible because of missing features.

To be clear, this is not about bug reports from users or persons, that 
are not familiar with the special problem, but about issues, which were 
set to CONFIRMED by someone. And from that person I expect, that he/she 
cares for such things.

Kind regards

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