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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject Re: [code] building trunk, rev. 1386983 break in setup_native
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2012 06:37:50 GMT

On 18.09.2012 18:16, Oliver-Rainer Wittmann wrote:
> Hi,
>>> I am building trunk, rev. 1386983 on Windows in my environment and I got a
>>> build breaker in module setup_native.
>>> The build breaks in
>>> /main/setup_native/source/win32/customactions/shellextensions - below you
>>> find my error output.
>>> It looks like that the combination of boost and static stlport causes the
>>> trouble.
>>> The build works fine, when I remove the usage of boost::scoped_array and the
>>> corresponding include from
>>> /main/setup_native/source/win32/customactions/copyeditiondata.cxx.
>>> It also works fine, when I force the linker to link stlport_vc71_stldebug.lib
>>> instead of stlport_vc71_stldebug_static.lib
>>> Can somebody help me to solve the problem?
>>> Does somebody else experienced the same?
>>> Thanks in advance, Oliver.
>> This is very weird: I updated boost and while I only run FreeBSD, the update
>> was tested
>> in Windows.
>> Can anyone confirm the issue? I had other updates in the pipeline but I will wait
>> until we are all on the same page.
> Yes, it is weird.
> I saw that it was tested under Windows 7
> I am currently performing a complete build without having configure option
> --enable-dbgutil. May be it is only the stlport_vc71_stldebug_static.lib which
> causes trouble.

My build with configure option --enable-dbgutil was successful.

Seem to be a proble of the static stlport debug lib.

Best regards, Oliver.

> BTW, I had seen a couple of warnings on the build of module stlport saying
> something like "duplicate symbol/declaration/? ignored". Thus, may be something
> in stlport is triggering with issue.
> Best regards, Oliver.

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