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From Joost Andrae <>
Subject Re: Did we ever reach consensus on support for Windows 2000
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2012 21:14:59 GMT

> I was going through FAQ's and other pages on the AOO (incubating) site
> and noticed that many still are showing that we support Windows 2000 as
> a baseline operating system. I though I remembered some discussions a
> while back on this list around that subject and thought we had decided
> that we would no longer do that due to lack of testing resources.
> I went back through the archives and did find a number of threads but
> they never seemed to reach a definite conclusion. I we are going to
> continue to support it all well and good, but if we cannot then all
> FAQ's and other documentation on the site should change to reflect that.

IMO if it is technically feasible then AOO should further support this 
legacy operating system - even if there is a restricted QA resouce for 
this OS. But I doubt that updates within the Windows development 
libraries will allow this for a longer time. StarOffice and had defined a rigid baseline to support legacy operating 
systems as long as the development libraries allowed a secure 
environment for Windows, Linux and for Solaris. Some environments had to 
be given-up (like support for Solaris on Sun SparcStations)  because 
security leaks, newer C++ compilers and performance enhancements of 
newer libraries didn't allow to support the former library baseline. But 
if it doesn't hurt, then "why not" to support it....

It is very important for the whole project to further support a 
development environment baseline.

...just an opinion...

Kind regards, Joost

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