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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: [User Docs] What do we as a community want for user documentation or AOO
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2012 21:15:16 GMT
TJ Frazier wrote:
> As a long-time volunteer with ODFA (formerly OOA), I can promise that we
> (AOO) can get documents from them. The cost of this option is (1) a
> legal review and approval of CC-BY v3; (2) some storage (WG v3.2 is 15.5
> MB, so call it 100 or 200 MB per version, probably as .odt and .pdf
> files on the Mwiki. The download volume/bandwidth has been too low to
> cause any problems, but I have no stats); and (3) a little politeness.

Point (1), like all legal reviews, sounds scary, but it could be quite 
easy: says
For the purposes of being a dependency to an Apache product, which 
licenses are considered to be similar in terms to the Apache License 2.0?
Works under the following licenses may be included within Apache 
products: ...
Creative Commons Attribution (CC-A)
Now, besides the fact that the license is called "CC-A" instead of 
"CC-BY" (but the name and link make it clear it's CC-BY), and the fact 
that the link is to version 2.5 and not version 3.0, Point (1) should 
already be done.

What's needed is just to open a LEGAL JIRA issue like
but merely asking whether CC-BY 3.0
can be considered "Category A" and added to / mentioned in


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