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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: What is a good Project Management Committee?
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2012 20:11:25 GMT
Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
> I think commitment is important. ... commitment through visible
> conduct is part of the determination of merit.
> I do not equate that with trustworthiness. ...
> Trustworthiness is more difficult to demonstrate. ...
> Let us not confuse commitment and trustworthiness.

Thanks Dennis for this important clarification; indeed, my concern was 
more related to commitment than to trustworthiness.

My concern is that, when it comes to voting, it should not happen that 
an active contributor has no binding vote while someone who never did 
anything for the project but happens to be a PMC member has a binding vote.

This would be a credibility issue, and this is what my improperly worded 
sentence about the PPMC not "having the trust of the community" due to 
initial committers referred to: I'm not implying at all that the PPMC is 
untrustworthy, and surely I do trust all active PPMC members.

>> [ Andrea Pescetti]
>> The current PPMC, especially due to the bootstrapping phase that allowed
>> a large number of "initial committers" to enter the project without
>> demonstrating merit...
> Of the initial committers
>  55 serve on the current PPMC (and all are committers)
>  15 are committers only
>  11 did not provide iCLAs and come on board

Thanks for the numbers too. Indeed, these numbers put my concern in the 
right perspective: almost all the initial committers who never did 
anything for the project are in the second or third group, so they are 
not in the PPMC now. Which means that I probably overestimated the 
problem, and that the PPMC members who hold that qualification only 
because they put their name on a wiki page, did the required paperwork 
and subscribed the mailing lists are just a handful of cases, likely not 
even considering to join the PMC when the project graduates.


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