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From tj>
Subject Re: Moderating ooo-private
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2012 01:17:07 GMT
On 9/15/2012 17:51, Louis Suárez-Potts wrote:
> On 12-09-15, at 11:34 , "Dennis E. Hamilton" <> wrote:
>> With regard to inappropriate messages to ooo-private, I agree that it is a good idea
to provide better information and to discourage the use of ooo-private for this kind of traffic.
 I think one problem is that some folks want their request to be personal and all think they
are (or want to be) reaching a support organization.
> yes.
>> I conducted an experiment to see how the list rejects messages.  The bounce I received
is the message immediately below.  The original request to ooo-private was returned in an
attachment.  That is attached to this message but I don't know that it will be preserved on
ooo-dev.  What that message is like is posted below the Rejection Message.
> Peter can probably speak to this, too, but when I was doing this kind of list and many
others at OOo, I received routinely a lot of posts to webmasters@, usually by people wanting
to communicate with a Turing-competent entity, like me, or even better.  They reached that
list/alias via contacts@. No matter what we wrote on that page, no matter how they were redirected
to the Support page—no matter what, short of Moses and some tablets—they did what I do
when confronted with voicemail and sought humanity in an electron.
> So it goes.
> Lesson: live with it but try all the same.
> Louis

Hi, Louis,

IIRC, I wrote to Webmaster@oo.o, about a glitch on a web page. I got a 
polite little reply from a fellow whose name I recognized from the 
Council listing. I was just another user, then; I was very impressed. My 
point is that these contacts do serve a purpose, at least occasionally.

Hope this makes our hard-working monitors feel better.


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