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From Jürgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Will there be an "official" Solaris build?
Date Thu, 13 Sep 2012 06:23:39 GMT
On 9/12/12 7:46 PM, David A Criswell wrote:
>  "RGB" at the AOO Community Forum encouraged me to bring my question here...   Thanks
> Will there be an "official" Solaris build?

I don't say no and I don't say yes and will try to explain that.

At Apache a group of volunteers are working on the source code and drive
the development of OpenOffice. And because of the history of OpenOffice
we also provide binary releases for convenience of our users for the 3
most popular platforms (Linux, Windows, MacOS) where we had enough
volunteers from the beginning. FreeBSD is also an active port as well as
Solaris and OS/2. But we don't provide binary releases yet. But this can
change in the future. Important is not only the port and the build but
also a group of volunteers who can ensure the testing and QA of such a
binary. That doesn't mean that the binary packages for other platforms
don't have the same quality but we would like to ensure that we can
guarantee this in some way.

That means that a decision if we provide a binary package for a new
platform or not is driven by the community and the community members who
drive this forward. That means for example if you and some others can
join the Solaris group and can help to ensure some testing and QA it is
likely that we can provide binary releases for Solaris as well.

For FreeBSD the people working on the port are providing a binary
package via the official FreeBSD distribution channel that is build on
the same release version as the official builds were built on and where
it is possible to download the source release and build the office on
your own.

Some other people working on the Solaris port and providing a binary
package built on the same release version. And you can download it from
their own webpage. See

To ensure a minimum of guarantee a binary package have to be built on
the same source release version and should come from a trusted source.
In case of the Solaris package I would say that Adfinis SyGroup is a
trusted source.

The ports are part of our project and we work close together and help to
solve potential problems on these platforms.

I would be happy to support platforms "officially" but it really depends
on the community and the active people who doing the work on this
platform. In case of Solaris I am sure that we can ensure this over time.

I hope this helps and it is only my personal opinion and others have
potentially a different opinion on this.


> by gpspilot » Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:58 pm 
> RGB wrote:You can find non official Solaris builds for AOO 3.4 here: Apache OpenOffice
Solaris x86
> My organization had StarOffice on our Solaris workstations for many years, then upgraded
to OpenOffice 3.3, and now we'd like to upgrade to AOO 3.4, but our administrators are leery
of installing "non official" builds.
> Has Apache dropped support for Solaris? My googling has not turned up any official announcement
of this. Can we hope to see Solaris make a reappearance at
> According to,
as of four months ago there were only two "major" bugs in the Solaris build, and one of them
has been fixed. So it sounds like the current Solaris build is of good quality. Why wouldn't
Apache adopt it as an officially-supported platform?
> I think we Solaris users deserve to know the "roadmap" for where AOO is heading.
> Thanks
> OpenOffice 3.3 on Solaris
> Re: Will there be an "official" Solaris build?
> by RGB » Wed Sep 12, 2012 6:08 am 
> AFAIK, at the moment there are some technical problems... like the lack of a proper build
> You'll get better answers on the dev mailing list
> no need to subscribe to send an email there (the traffic is huge...), but if you send
your question without subscribing, please make the situation clear on the first line of your
email so people could know they need to add you to the CC list.
> There are two types of people: the ones that believe that there are two types of people
and the ones that not.
> openSUSE 11.4 with KDE SC 4.8.4 / AOO 3.4.1

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