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From Regina Henschel <>
Subject Re: OpenOffice in the browser?
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 17:57:02 GMT
Hi Jesper,

Jesper Thomsen schrieb:
> Hi Apache Team,

"Apache Team" is not the right term for us. We are individual persons 
belonging to the incubating OpenOffice project.

> Roozz is a Danish startup and we have a technology that can turn Windows
> desktop software into online browser versions running in any Windows OS and
> any browser.
> We think it could be great for your users to have OpenOffice as an
> in-browser version. We have so far not looked at converting it in detail,
> but we believe there are very good chances we can make it run at native
> performance.

Does this mean, that Apache OpenOffice needs to be installed and you use 
it when documents are shown/altered inside the browser? Or is it more 
like WebODF on client side? Are the documents editable inside the 
browser or is it a kind of ODF viewer?

> Before we spend too much time, would you be interested in joining forces
> with us and provide such a version from your site?

As far as I know, it is not be possible to provide it from our site, 
unless your development becomes a project in Apache. We provide the 
source of Apache OpenOffice and some localized, ready to use binaries.

  Alternatively, would be
> allowed to distribute it from our side using a name such as "Roozz Office
> Suite Powered by Apache OpenOffice" (or similar - as per the example on
> your site). There are of course no costs of any kind to you.
> I am excited to hear what you think of this - thanks in advance.

As the ODF format becomes more and more known and Google has it as file 
type, such application might be useful. It is the purpose of the Apache 
license, that you can do all such exciting things with the code. And 
this mailing list is indeed the place, to get help if needed.

Kind regards

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