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From Herbert Duerr <>
Subject Re: [BUILD] atlthunk
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 11:17:40 GMT
Hi Andrew,

On 10.09.2012 22:19, Andrew Rist wrote:
> do you know the context for this change?
> - "force
> atlthunk addition when linking with atls library"
> The lack of atlthunk is stopping the build and the file doesn't seem to
> be in VS 2008 pro.  (Or is there something I did not install when
> installing VS 2008?)

With the free MSVC2008 Express being the baseline for AOO development on 
Windows the atlthunk addition was needed to enable the build of a fully 
functional product, because MSVC2008 Express does not contain the ATL 
libraries, but the free WDK contains all that is needed including the 
atlthunk lib.

Requiring an expensive Pro version to build it would be prohibitive for 
hobby developers.

BTW: Chromium has the same issue and the instructions there apply here too.
If you use Visual Studio 2008 Express:
     Install the WDK for the ATL headers and libs from e.g.
     Verify MSVC|Tools|Options|Projects and Solutions|VC++ Directories 
has Include: [WDK]include\atl71 and Lib: [WDK]lib\Atl\i386 where [WDK] 
is the WDK install directory.

Another solution would be to detect that atlthunk is not needed because 
the --disable-atl configure switch is active or disable linking to the 
atlthunk if an MSVC version containing atl directly is installed.

Another alternative would be of course if we demanded that everyone 
wanting to build a fully functional AOO is required to get the Pro 
version. Is that something we could strive for?

Greetings from Beijing,

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