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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject [DISCUSS]: What should be part of AOO by default or what belongs more into a broader eco-system around AOO
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 10:26:56 GMT

based on an enquiry for some partnership I think it make sense to
discuss a general question. Which features, improvements, enhancements
should be part of AOO by default or which belongs more in a broader
eco-system around AOO and should be better provided as an extension.
Means we provide support on basis of technical collaboration to achieve
the realization of such an extension but we prefer probably the
realization (hosting) outside of the project to avoid confusion or to
benefit some parties over others.

There are more things that should be taken into account and I would like
to hear other opinions on this as well.

Things that comes to my mind where I would always prefer an extension

- Connectors to some non free, non open source software based on
proprietary API's. It can be different when a solution is based on open
standards and is of more general use like for example a connector or
better UCP to allow access of file in a CMS via CMIS.

- Dependencies on external GPL, LGPL libraries.

- Rarely used features only important for a minority of our users. I
think we want to minimize the default memory footprint where possible
and making these kind of features available as extensions can make
sense. But it shows also that it can make sense to have extensions
hosted in our repo as well ;-)

- ...

What do others think about it.


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