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From Joost Andrae <>
Subject Re: Clipart library
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 09:02:42 GMT
Hi Simon,

> Sorry that my post was too short. Let me explain the ideal scenario in my
> mind:
> 1. When I installed a clean AOO, I hope to have 10~20 most frequent used
> build-in cliparts in local repository from AOO installation package.

+1 like page decoration elements (lines, edges, etc.)

> 2. But from time to time, I may want to look for more cliparts. So I hope
> to have a button like "Search more cliparts on XXX". (XXX maybe any website
> that provide clipart library, e.g. Open Clipart, Google, Baidu...)

I don't like the idea to integrate a link to external pages as long as 
the link is static and as long as it is not editable. There is already a 
link to the extensions website on the front page of AOO. Using 
extensions as a container for cliparts allows to use the update 
functionality of the extension framework.

> 3. I clicked on the button and searched the clipart I want. (Remember
> different site may categorize their cliparts in different way.)

If we add an "Add Clipart" button to would surely satisfy 
your demand.

> 4. I insert the clipart I searched out to my document.

Clipart extensions integrate clipart into the Gallery.

> 5. I like the searched out clipart very much and believe I will use it
> frequently. So I stored this clipart to my local repository.
> 6. <Advanced> I get notified for new/hot cliparts.

Ads ?

> With the scenario above:
> 1. should be provided by AOO.
> 2, 3 & 6 should be provided by an extension specific to a clipart site that
> I installed later. If I want the capability to search in multiple sites, I
> may need to install multiple extensions. (Or any better suggestion?)
> 4 & 5, should be from the extension, but AOO should provide interface for
> good user experience (e.g. the capability to add a clipart to local
> repository with a drag&drop).

You can add any graphic to the Gallery via drag&drop but I saw that the 
drag&drop handler includes eg. SVG files from a browser as bmp to the 
gallery. I think someone needs to improve this to have the drag&drop 
handler to carry the original drawing format.

Kind regards, Joost

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