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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Mixed oneway and normal/synchronous UNO interface calls
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 08:54:19 GMT
On 9/11/12 10:20 AM, Karsten Burger wrote:
> We have done tests here and it works as described: when a synchronous call follows previous
oneway calls, it waits until the oneeways are finished. The sequence is ordered for the caller

thanks for the update

> We used OpenOffice URE and SDK sources Version 2.3.0 (OO680_m5).

interesting, do you have plans to update to a newer version where for
example the so called "new" UNO features are available. I mean multiple
inheritance of interfaces and "new-style" services with constructor
methods, etc.

There are some nice enhancements that can improve API's a lot and can
make API's more intuitive and easier to use. For example using a
multi-inheritance interface as a return type where always the same type
of object is returned is much easier ti understand and can reduce the
queryInterface calls a lot. Constructor methods of services can also
make the code more intuitive and better to read.


> As far as I remember our company chose UNO as backbone of the newer, component-based
parts of the software because of
> - the minimal overhead when calling into a service when it is in the same process (a
virtual method call)
> - the ability to cope with a large number of interfaces and services, also regarding
compile times
> - ease of debugging and the possibility to debug across component borders
> They use oneway calls a lot: in this way they can reduce the IPC traffic between clients
and a server application. At the end of a task they issue a synchronous call, collecting the
results form so-called "remote variables".
> Thanks, Karsten

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