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From Oliver-Rainer Wittmann <>
Subject [CONFERENCE] ApacheCon Europe 2012 - track OpenOffice - status, feedback and asking for volunteers
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 09:50:30 GMT

As you might know the ApacheCon Europe 2012 is taking place in Sinsheim, 
Germany, 2012-11-05 - 08 and will contain an OpenOffice track.

Several paper submissions for this track had been submitted. Don volunteered as 
the track chair in the ApacheCon EU planners team and formed a little team from 
volunteers (Don H., Kevin G., Peter J., Andrea P., Roberto G., Louis S.-P., Rob 
W., J├╝rgen S. and myself) to take care of this track.
Track OpenOffice got one of the most paper submissions. Thus, the track got 17 
slots assigned for accepted talks. The little team reviewed the paper 
submissions and was able to more or less accept 22 of the submitted talks. Some 
paper submissions are combined in order to get as much papers as possible in. 
Currently, it looks like that the track will fill two complete days with 

The little team made up their minds for some additional, more general 
events/sessions. The current list contains the following:
- Community panel
-- 90 (45-60) min. panel session with a couple of AOO community members
- Birds of Feather on community building and maturing the community
-- 90 (45-60) min.
- UX design session
-- 45-60 min. session on UX, form of the session is currently open
- Dedicated time slot and room where AOO community is available for Q&A and 

The little team also had in mind to organise a location at the evening where AOO 
community can meet themself and other Apache people.

It is needed to reach out to the ApacheCon EU planners to get time slots and 
rooms for the additional sessions. These additonal sessions would extend the 
track OpenOffice by at least a half day. I volunteered to get in touch with the 
ApacheCon EU planners to request additional time slots and rooms. It is until 
now not clear, if these additional sessions will be approved.

What is your opinion on the additional sessions?
Do you want to have more? If yes, which one?

Also very important for having such additional sessions is that we need 
volunteers who take ownership of the one or the other. Best would be from my 
point of view to have a small team for each of the additional sessions being 
responsible for it.

Who is willing to volunteer here?

Best regards, Oliver.

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