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From J├╝rgen Schmidt <>
Subject Re: Specific actions needed for developing the community
Date Fri, 07 Sep 2012 09:27:07 GMT
On 9/7/12 10:28 AM, Ian Lynch wrote:
> There is some difference between the way ASF sees "community" compared
> to the former structures of the OOo community. ASF sees much of what
> the old OOo called the community as the "ecosystem". 

It is definitely an important aspect and I think everybody is invited to
take responsibility to reach out to the broader eco-systems and help to
increase it

As a specific
> proposal I think we need at least one ppmc/pmc member with the role of
> linking to wider community or ecosystem projects and I'd nominate
> Louis for that role because he has the most experience. I'm willing to
> assist if he accepts that role and thinks I could be useful. It could
> be that additional roles develop in marketing, distribution etc within
> the pmc but that does not have to be decided at this stage. Such roles
> could be developed outside ASF but with a formal link to the pmc to
> support communications.

I would not bind it to a specific person or to a role. Anybody can do
anything here and anybody is encouraged to simply start doing things. It
is natural that people will focus on the areas where they think they can
do most and where they are best. That's perfect and will definitely help
us. But I think it is important that newcomers don't get the impression
that the so called "roles" are already settled by some other persons and
that there is no place or demand for further resources or help.

Everybody is welcome and encouraged to start working on things that are
important for them and of course for the project. If there is overlap
with the work of others I expect that these community members take
action and start collaboration on these thinks. And what seems to be
more important is that the "older" members help newcomers to find their
way and invite them to join for example temporary or longer existing
working groups for specific work items.

Building work groups to work on specific tasks is totally ok but these
work groups are always open for others to join and to extend the power
and effectiveness of such a group.

If somebody joins and draw big pictures, spread visions but never let
follow concrete actions it is likely that she/he will stay alone and
will probably disappear silently over time. New ideas and visions are
always welcome and the minimal action is to put enough energy in it to
convince others to share the vision, idea and start collaborative work
to drive it forward.

This is at least my personal opinion and I am trying to follow these
principles. But nobody is perfect ;-)


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