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From Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <>
Subject Re: Duplicate code in module binfilter [was: Re: svn commit: r1379349 - in /incubator/ooo/trunk/main: offapi/com/sun/star/sheet/ offapi/type_reference/ oox/inc/oox/xls/ oox/source/xls/ sc/inc/ sc/source/core/data/ sc/source/core/tool/ sc/source/filte
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 04:14:28 GMT

On 09/04/2012 03:49 AM, J├╝rgen Schmidt wrote:
> On 9/4/12 3:42 AM, Lei Wang wrote:
>> Hi,
>> So we have plan to remove import/export code from application
>> modules(sw,sc,sd...) and implement import/export function in binfilter. Is
>> there any document about this feature? What's the current status ?
> no, the plan is more to drop the older binary formats and to drop the
> ugly binfilter module. I think a good candidate for this drop is the
> next major version.
> This is of course a change where people will have different opinions on
> it. But I personally see no real problem, the code becomes smaller, the
> officer becomes smaller and the old formats can be migrated by an
> existing version, for example AOO 3.4.
> The default is ODF and most users don't use the older binary formats.
> But again these formats can be migrated with existing and still
> available older version of the office.
> We should start a new thread to discuss this drop of binfilter for the
> next major version.
I have some old files that I had no reason to touch for many years, and 
now, I no longer have a program that can touch them..... So the files 
are pretty much orphaned.

So that is what we will do with the older OOo file formats? I just want 
to be clear that I need to find these files and then manually convert 
all of them before support is dropped. I don't like writing my own 
extractors from scratch, but I have done it before. Usually to help some 
family member that I can't say no to that has old files in some format 
that they just procrastinated on and the old program just stops working 
on their new platforms (or something equally as strange).

Andrew Pitonyak
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