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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Distribution Project - Update
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2012 05:10:02 GMT
Hi John,

>> Are there any updates on this? I have asked a little while ago with no
>> response. I am willing to get this up and running. Please let me know.

I'd like to preface Rob's answers with a couple of remarks.

I went to your website [1] where it is clear that your company is in the business of selling
support for There is nothing wrong with that as long as it fits the new rules
here at The Apache Software Foundation. The Apache License allows you to do as you wish as
long as you respect the trademarks. [2] Guidelines are found here [3] and here [4].

The distribution page is here [5] we appreciate your offer to help. It is important for everyone
in the OpenOffice ecosystem to be as successful as possible.

Rob's questions are good, but I think that understanding and how to navigate the above would
be most helpful in determining how update and improve the message. I'll answer some of Rob's
questions in that context.


> Is it clear, from the previous discussions, what the range of concerns
> were?  If so feel free to make a proposal. Any community member can do
> this.
> The questions I want to see addressed in a proposal would be:
> 1. What does it mean to be a distributor?  Any requirements?  If so
> how are these checked?

This could be certification of passing the above and getting a trademark and project approval.

> 2. Where on the website do we list distributors?  What disclaimer
> should we include?

We should list those who have been reviewed for trademark compliance.

> 3. How do we ensure the list remains accurate and fair?
> 4. Do we anticipate any logo or other trademark use in conjunction
> with this program?

This site uses the community distributor logo/

> Obviously some of the questions are interdependent. At the easiest
> level, a simple list, managed by distributors on a wiki page, with a
> disclaimer, would be easy to implement.

The list should be about how to get trademark approval.

But as important the page should be about how to get a site added in a way that is most painless.
Perhaps we already have that in the links above.


> Regards,
> -Rob
>> Thanks,
>> John

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