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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: build svtools with debug
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 16:43:40 GMT

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>>  The boost update is/was necessary: Linux/BSD builds are using the
>>  system boost (usually more updated than the one we currently have)
>>  and that means we can't detect if something doesn't work until 
> it's too
>>  late. The real reason for the update though, is clang. Without a clang
>>  port AOO is dead in MacOSX and eventually in FreeBSD too.
> nobody said it is not important, we talk here about the way to achieve
> in the end the same goal. Ask Armin how often he has merged the trunk
> back in his aw080 branch and continue the work on the branch until it is
> ready for trunk.
> The boost update as it is seems to be not ready enough and breaks other
> important things, in this case debug support (which is of course
> important for developers) on Windows.

Please note that no one has identified yet the issue: it's highly likely
that Armin has a dirty environment due to a previous (pre-boost) build
but if he starts with a clean build it will go fine. Again, quite a few people
reported a working debug build after the boost update.

> Please explain where exactly your problem is to do the work on a branch.

Please, when we have identified the breakage cause and iff it's clear it
was my update I will be glad to revert it. I really need evidence though,
the changes were thoroughly tested and you cannot ask me to revert it
based on Rob's sudden's feelings about it. 

If I do have to revert it then I will simply drop it. It works fine here. and
I don't have anything to fix.


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