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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Re: build svtools with debug
Date Wed, 26 Sep 2012 15:32:10 GMT

> From: Rob Weir

>>  I am afraid that if we revert the boost update we will never get the issues 
> fixed and
>>  perhaps this is the motivation we need to resolve the stlport situation.
>>  The stlport situation is basically that we are using 3 outdated versions 
> and it
>>  doesn't support clang.
> I'm not saying updating is a bad thing.  My complaint is that it broke
> the build.  Doing it on a branch would have been better.

The build was tested in MacOS X, Linux and Windows and FreeBSD
before committing. I won't be starting a branch to fix the boost update
because there is nothing to fix in the boost update.

> We have a lot of components that could be updating. 

Really? Feel free to start a wiki page so we can evaluate them, and
prioritize them. At this time I only have interest on things that can
help the clang port.

The boost update is/was necessary: Linux/BSD builds are using the
system boost (usually more updated than the one we currently have)
and that means we can't detect if something doesn't work until it's too
late. The real reason for the update though, is clang. Without a clang
port AOO is dead in MacOSX and eventually in FreeBSD too.

> just check in upgrades to the trunk and pray for the best?  I hope

> not.

We should *always* pray for the best.


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