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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Code of Conduct
Date Tue, 11 Sep 2012 05:51:54 GMT

We have a code of conduct here:

These are the community's code and we should all agree to abide by the code. Maybe there is
some more work to do exposing the code. Maybe the  code needs to be modified.

Graduation requires the project to be self-governing. What do people think? I think we should
discuss a few topics.

(1) What are the consequences of breaking the code of conduct?

- Loss of merit in the community including the possibility of losing any karma in the project.
Karma is the ability to make commits.

- Banning from the list. Moderators will need to treat offenders like spammers.

(2) Who is responsible for enforcing the code?

- it should be enforced by anyone who sees it happening. In most cases a reminder will be

- what if they won't stop? who is next? If the PPMC is working it should be noticed, but if
not then probably a note to ooo-private.

(3) How do we expose the code?

- we have unsubscribe links on ooo-users, we could add a link to the policy.

(4) Should we update the code?

- the code should be edited to include the information decided for (1) and (2)

- anything else?

Please feel free to elaborate. 

Let's leave this open for a week to discuss. No need to hurry.

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