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From "Dennis E. Hamilton" <>
Subject RE: What is a good Project Management Committee member?
Date Wed, 05 Sep 2012 18:32:32 GMT
Some musings:

 1. I notice that the cafeteria tray is getting very full with these items.  

 2. I wonder if using a wiki page would be better for consolidating the consideration of traits
and distinguishing what a PMC member shall bring to the party beyond being a committer.

 3. The "Boy Scout Oath" came to mind for some reason.  Not that it is exactly what we are
looking for, but it certainly provides a kind of elevator speech on what makes a Boy Scout.
 I don't mean this for PMC, but it is interesting as a concept, not in detail.  This is what
it is in the US, and what it was when I was a Scout some 60 years ago: <>.
 It's interesting that the Boy Scout Motto is the same everywhere: "Be Prepared."

 4. FOCUS ON COMMUNITY BUILDING?  Something that has been a struggle on the PPMC is addressing
the Podling's actual preparedness and qualification for graduation (the public sentiment that
AOO is ready not being enough).  In grappling with how qualification is demonstrated in terms
of what the ASF requires of a Top Level Project there is a serious question concerning how
well the AOO PPMC fosters community and a healthy project.  It might be that this trait and
how PMC members actively contribute to it is a critical place to focus.  It is a duty of the
PMC, and it is above and beyond the technical skills of the individual members.  Without it,
AOOi does not graduate.

 5. SO WHAT IS A HEALTHY, COMMUNITY-FOSTERING PROJECT?  What is meant by community?  Shane
Curcuru's blog is named "Community Before Code."  What does that mean and what does the PMC
and its membership bring to its fulfillment?

 6. I am willing to be perfectly clueless about this and ask those already steeped in the
Apache Way for guidance.  Based on recent discussions with Shane, I think I see the AOO community
a bit more broadly than he might.  But that doesn't matter.  I think the traits of interest
aren't contingent on having agreement on community scope, but its healthy fostering.

What would that be?  And how is it manifest and evident to all onlookers?

 - Dennis


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From: Ian Lynch [] 
Sent: Wednesday, September 05, 2012 02:32
Subject: Re: What is a good Project Management Committee member?

On 5 September 2012 09:40, Regina Henschel <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> some time ago we expressed, that we think the project is ready to graduate.
> In the process of graduating, a proposal for a Project Management Committee
> (PMC) will be brought to the Apache Board. Although discussion about
> individual persons will not be done public, it is important to get a shared
> conviction about the criteria for our PMC members.
> You find information about project management and the role of the PMC in
> With permission of J├╝rgen Schmidt I will show his items:
> "For me a good PMC member is somebody
> - who is active and visible in the project. It's important that others
> can see or better are able to recognize valuable contributions.
> - who driving the project forward by helping others to join the project,
> or helping other in general to find their way in the project
> - who help to grow the eco-system and the popularity of the project, eg.
> increasing the user base by promoting the project actively on
> conferences, via new medias, etc.
> - who take responsibility for tasks that have to be done and that help
> to drive the project forward or that help to simply run it.
> - who is able to transport and communicate the vision of the project
> - who is able to prevent misbehaviour and misconduct on our main
> communication tool the mailing lists but also on our extended
> communication tools like social media
> - who is able to bring in new ideas in the project that opens even more
> opportunities to grow and to evolve
> - ..."
> And here my thoughts:
> A PMC member...
> a person all can trust in.
> ...preserves overview about several areas.
> ...knows, who is expert in a special area, and encourage people from
> different areas to work together on a topic.
> willing to guide a newcomer.
> ...can identify opposite directions in the community before things
> escalate.
> ...knows about formal requirements and about the Apache structure.
> ...has a vision about the direction of the project, but on the other
> hand accepts reasoned different development without being offended (?
> German "eingeschnappt")
> ...sets a good example in treating others and working for the project.
> reliable.
> willing to assume responsibility.
> ...puts his heart and passion into the project.
> Do you miss aspects? Do you think a special item is irrelevant? What is
> essential?

Is aware of the limitations of mailing lists in communication and
actively strives to communicate to engender positive feelings in the

Has thought carefully about the role of a PMC member and actively
communicated an intention to be active in that role rather than just a
name on a list or solely involved in committing code.

> Kind regards
> Regina

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