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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: What is a good Project Management Committee member?
Date Thu, 06 Sep 2012 03:30:13 GMT
On Sep 5, 2012, at 9:20 AM, "Jürgen Schmidt" <> wrote:

> On 9/5/12 11:32 AM, Ian Lynch wrote:
>> On 5 September 2012 09:40, Regina Henschel <> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> some time ago we expressed, that we think the project is ready to graduate.
>>> In the process of graduating, a proposal for a Project Management Committee
>>> (PMC) will be brought to the Apache Board. Although discussion about
>>> individual persons will not be done public, it is important to get a shared
>>> conviction about the criteria for our PMC members.
>>> You find information about project management and the role of the PMC in
>>> With permission of Jürgen Schmidt I will show his items:
>>> "For me a good PMC member is somebody
>>> - who is active and visible in the project. It's important that others
>>> can see or better are able to recognize valuable contributions.
>>> - who driving the project forward by helping others to join the project,
>>> or helping other in general to find their way in the project
>>> - who help to grow the eco-system and the popularity of the project, eg.
>>> increasing the user base by promoting the project actively on
>>> conferences, via new medias, etc.
>>> - who take responsibility for tasks that have to be done and that help
>>> to drive the project forward or that help to simply run it.
>>> - who is able to transport and communicate the vision of the project
>>> - who is able to prevent misbehaviour and misconduct on our main
>>> communication tool the mailing lists but also on our extended
>>> communication tools like social media
>>> - who is able to bring in new ideas in the project that opens even more
>>> opportunities to grow and to evolve
>>> - ..."
>>> And here my thoughts:
>>> A PMC member...
>>> a person all can trust in.
>>> ...preserves overview about several areas.
>>> ...knows, who is expert in a special area, and encourage people from
>>> different areas to work together on a topic.
>>> willing to guide a newcomer.
>>> ...can identify opposite directions in the community before things
>>> escalate.
>>> ...knows about formal requirements and about the Apache structure.
>>> ...has a vision about the direction of the project, but on the other
>>> hand accepts reasoned different development without being offended (?
>>> German "eingeschnappt")
>>> ...sets a good example in treating others and working for the project.
>>> reliable.
>>> willing to assume responsibility.
>>> ...puts his heart and passion into the project.
>>> Do you miss aspects? Do you think a special item is irrelevant? What is
>>> essential?
>> Is aware of the limitations of mailing lists in communication and
>> actively strives to communicate to engender positive feelings in the
>> audience.
>> Has thought carefully about the role of a PMC member and actively
>> communicated an intention to be active in that role rather than just a
>> name on a list or solely involved in committing code.
> we had already some longer discussions on this topic on our private list
> which was the result or part of an ongoing process to define a final PMC
> that we want to suggest to the IPMC and board as it is required for
> graduation.
> Regina has provided a link that give you further information about this
> topic and what it means to be a PMC.
> I would like to ask everybody (and especially the PPMC members) here to
> think about this as individual and what it means for themselves or if
> they would be interested in being a PMC.

I know someone who had the image of an ideal husband, a long list of
essential qualities, but unfortunately these qualities never came
together in one person outside of cheap romance novels. Unwed, bitter
and old was the end results.

So I tend to think of this from a team perspective: what capabilities
do we need in a PMC?  We're not limited by monogyny laws. We don't
need to find the ultimate uebermensch PMC member. We need a strong
team. And since most team members will be part time volunteers this
suggests they might do one nor two things well but gave little
interest in other areas. We should accept that.

For example we recently had a PPMC member who was derided by a Mentor
for not being interested in the CMS. It was suggested that this was a
failure as a PMC member. I disagree.  It is fine to focus
contributions in one area do long as one takes care to consider the
community wide implications of those contributions and is helping to
grow and support the community in that area.

Think of an orchestra. We don't expect every player to play every
instrument. But we do expect a musicianship, the ability to play your
part well and in a way that fits with the others, knowing that you
might have a solo sometimes, but at other times you might be playing
harmony or even have a rest.

> Maybe some questions that you can answer yourself can help to find an
> answer:
> - What is my intention with this project?
> - Why I am here and what do I want to achieve?
> - What is my main interest and how do I want to contribute?
> - Is being a PMC member a status symbol for me?
> - Is being a PMC member a privilege or a burden?
> - Do I want or I am ready to take the responsibility and role of a PMC
> member?
> - Do I want to be a committer or is being a committer enough for me and
> enough to achieve my goals and interests here?
> - Being a PMC member is important to me, why? How I do I want to
> contribute as PMC member?
> Don't put too much weight in the questions, the intention is only to
> give you some ideas. Please build your own picture and take it serious.
> And the most important point is whatever you will find out for yourself,
> it doesn't prevent you to be part and an active member of this project.
> You don't even have to be a committer to be part of this project. Being
> a committer simplifies often some things and is of course recommended
> over time if you plan to be a code contributor.
> And if you think you can do more for the project and in the community
> you can take at any time the necessary actions to become a PMC member.
> Simply keep in mind that PMC membership can't be bought, can't be
> required or expected. It have to be earned by appropriate actions...
> We will continue the selection of our final PMC and it is important to
> understand that we try to find the best solution from a project
> perspective. We had the special situation that we had many initial
> committers who took the opportunity at the beginning of the project to
> become a PPMC member. Some of them disappeared over time, others never
> did anything. That was ok and their were good reasons to do it this way
> to get started and there probably also good reasons why people
> disappeared over time or did nothing. But now it is time to do some
> final cleanup before we graduate. And this is not meant negative, we
> think it is important to keep the project operational and working. We
> want motivated and 100% committed PMC members.
> And please keep in mind that the door is never closed! Please build your
> own picture about the PMC role and if it is aligned with your own goals
> and interests here in the project.
> And the end of this email I want to say that from my point of view
> "roles" are not so important. We are all equal here in the project and I
> think we all have the same goal. We want make AOO even more successful
> and we want a community where it is fun to be part of it and where
> anybody can drive things forward by simply doing it aligned with the
> overall project rules and guidelines.
> The power of the project is our community and we all can help to grow
> the community in many different areas.
> Finally a quote from Martin Walser (a German author) from an essay
> titled "Mut"
> in German "Dem Gehenden schiebt sich der Weg unter die Füße"
> and in English (I hope it is correct) "Take the first step and the
> pathway will open up before/for you"
> So lets start or continue moving forward and we will find our way... We
> have already achieved a lot and we will continue.
> Juergen
>>> Kind regards
>>> Regina

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