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From Andreas Säger <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] more clarification on Java -- changes to
Date Sat, 04 Aug 2012 16:14:00 GMT
Am 16.07.2012 23:53, Kay Schenk wrote:
> Re this thread:
> I did indeed remove the download link to Java entirely.
> Why? Well there are at least 2 versions of Java which may be of interest to
> our user base --
> Oracle Java. and OpenJDK.
> Given the discussion in the thread referenced above, our other page with
> information on java,
> does need some changes.
> Linux
> As far as I know, there appear to be NO issues with either Oracle Java 7 or
> OpenJDK with Linux 32 bit. I can't find much on our lists about Linux 64
> bit and/or java 7 64 bit.

Sorry, Kay. You are wrong.
Open any JDBC database including the built-in HSQLDB.
Scroll, filter, sort some record set.
Everything is extremely slow. Sorting some 1000 rows takes many seconds.
Now point the Java settings to some copy of ancient Java6.22, restart 
the office and everything goes at least 10 times faster.
This was a major issue in 3.3 already. It affects only the combination 
of Linux+Java+JDBC.
According to Frank Schönheit it was a Java issue but somehow it does not 
occur in LibO 3.5.x anymore.

Just in case you need a test document for your x86+Linux+JRE+Base-HSQL:

Just in case you need a working JRE for your Linux+JRE+Base-HSQL:
[no need to install. just download, extract, point the office to the 
./jre/ subfolder]

Hope this helps.

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