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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: CMS diff: Why Public administrations
Date Sun, 19 Aug 2012 15:32:19 GMT
Let's be careful.  Don't we already have some announcement changes on
staging?  If so we can bring this change as well onto staging, but we
should avoid publishing, since that is all-or-nothing, and we don't
want to put the announcement changes out yet.


On Sun, Aug 19, 2012 at 11:28 AM, Shenfeng Liu <> wrote:
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> Shenfeng Liu
> Index: trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_gov.mdtext
> ===================================================================
> --- trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_gov.mdtext      (revision 1374681)
> +++ trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_gov.mdtext      (working copy)
> @@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
> -Title: Why Public administrations
> +Title: 为何选择Apache OpenOffice:公共管理
>  Notice:    Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
>             or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
>             distributed with this work for additional information
> @@ -16,20 +16,20 @@
>             specific language governing permissions and limitations
>             under the License.
> -![Why Apache OpenOffice: Public administrations](/why/images/why_gov.png) # {.rfloatimg}
> +![为何选择Apache OpenOffice:公共管理](/why/images/why_gov.png) # {.rfloatimg}
> -Public administrations and people working at **all levels of government** (local / federal
/ regional / national etc) find Apache OpenOffice is their ideal software solution. The combination
of a **flexible word processor**, a **powerful spreadsheet**, **dynamic graphics**, **database
access** and more meets all the everyday needs of a typical busy office worker.
> +公共管理单位以及为**各级政府机关**工作的人(无论是地方的还是中央的,区域性的还是全国性的)都会发现Apache
> -Already available in a **wide range of languages**, OpenOffice can be freely translated
by local teams.
> +OpenOffice可以被本地团队自由地翻译,所以拥有**许多不同的语言包**。
> -  - **Best value**
> +  - **价值最大化**
> -    Using Apache OpenOffice demonstrates your commitment to deliver best value services.
It is not owned by any commercial organisation. Its open source licence means there are no
licence fees to pay, no expensive annual audits, and no worries about non-compliance with
onerous and obscure licencing conditions. You may also distribute the software free to your
employees, through the schools system, or any other channel of your choice.
> +    使用Apache OpenOffice可以帮助你实现服务价值最大化的承诺。它不被任何商业组织所拥有。它的开源许可协议意味着没有许可证费,没有昂贵的年审,并且不用担心违反那些繁琐而又模糊不清的许可协议条款。你还可以通过教育系统或任何你选择的途径将这个软件免费分发到你的员工手里。
> -  - **Data is safe**
> +  - **数据安全保证**
> -    Freedom of Information Acts require that the documents you create today will be
accessible years in the future. Apache OpenOffice is the first software in the world to use
ISO approved file formats as its default. It also has the ability to create PDF files if you
need to publish information in a standard 'read only' format. If you already have (possibly
unlicenced) office software, Apache OpenOffice should be able to read your old files.
> +    信息自由法案要求你今天所创建的文档在未来几年内都可以被访问。Apache
> -  - ** Open for all**
> +  - **对所有人开放**
> -    There are no secrets in Apache OpenOffice - our open-source policy means anyone
can inspect the code or even help us develop the software. We actively encourage local teams
to produce versions for minority languages. OpenOffice is a leading international force in
the movement for digital inclusion - making software of the highest quality available to all,
regardless of income.
> +    在Apache OpenOffice中没有秘密——我们的开源政策意味着任何人都可以查看源代码或者甚至帮助我们开发这个软件。我们积极鼓励本地团队制作少数民族语言的版本。OpenOffice在数字化领域是一个国际化的领导力量——它汇集来源于各方的贡献集,为所有人制作最高质量的软件。
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