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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: "Social integration" for Apache OpenOffice 4.0
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 01:01:05 GMT
On Tue, Aug 21, 2012 at 3:20 PM, Phillip Rhodes
<> wrote:
> Per Rob's email about the "Help us brainstorm ideas for Apache
> OpenOffice 4.0" I was perusing the Google Moderator doc[1] and came
> across this suggestion:
> "Provide social capabilities within core editors to share selection,
> page/sheet/slide, or entire document with popular services including:
> micro-blogs, social networks, curation communities, and file sharing
> services."
> I think there's a lot to be said for this, and wouldn't mind getting
> involved with such an initiative. Posting this to try and spark some
> discussion around this suggestion.
> My own comment, in response to Kevin's Moderator post was this:
> "I like the idea of having something like this. If we had something
> like that, I'd like a somewhat generic / extensible framework, so it
> can be wired into pretty much any service, including services that
> don't even exist today."
> Any thoughts on what "social integration" for AOO should look like,
> and is anyone else interested in this?
> [1]:

We (IBM) did a proof-of-concept along these lines for a demo at a
conference last January. Here is the general use case.   It was an
extension to Impress that would allow the user to send the current
slide to the activity stream of an OpenSocial container.  It converted
the slide to a JPG, presented a dialog for the user to enter a comment
and then used the OpenSocial REST API to send this to the server.  The
slide could then be viewed on the server via the containers web
interface.  Other users could comment on  it.  When the document
re-loaded into Impress the container would be queried and the latest
comments would be retrieved and integrated into Impress, into a side

So the net result was a user could post a slide with a question like
"What do you think of this slide?", have it be shared with their
friends, and then receive comments back from them.  It demo'ed well
and seems to have some merit.

One idea would be to integrate such support and generalize it to Calc
and Writer.  Another idea might be to support other, non-OpenSocial
social networks.  The key seems to be the ability to convert a portion
of a document into a snippet that is web-renderable (HTML or JPG) and
track context.  Oh, and a lot of OAuth ;-)



> (Disclaimer: my interest is partly - but not exclusively - motivated
> by commercial concerns, as I am a founder of a startup that's working
> on open source "Enterprise Social Networking" / "Enterprise 2.0"
> products, and would be interested in exploring ways AOO could work
> with our product(s))
> Phil

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