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From RGB ES <>
Subject Re: Linux install instructions
Date Wed, 15 Aug 2012 17:11:15 GMT
2012/8/15 Kay Schenk <>:
> On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 8:42 AM, Risto Jääskeläinen
> <>wrote:
>> Hello!
>> First thing first: it is quite well that there are some guides for
>> installation Apache OpenOffice to different linux distros.
>> But as command line is ancient way of communicate with computer and only
>> few PC users today like it, second thing is to have prober normal way of
>> install and uninstall AOO in linux too. Is there any other way than have it
>> in repository and use Synaptic or other such tools?  And there are not
>> allowed any  incompatibility with other programs like LibreOffice.
> I understand! And yet, command line rarely fails me. :)
> We probably could write some installation instructions for the more popular
> distros that would show users how to install from the deb or rpm packs
> USING whatever their GUI package manager is. I've done that as well instead
> of command line. It would take some time to research this.
>> It may be my angularity with command line etc. but I notice difficulties
>> when I try to keep LibreOffice and AOO in same Linux Mint 13.
> Well it IS a hassle to try to do this I would imagine.
> I guess what we need to discuss/decide is do we really want to tell people
> to uninstall LO before installing AOO?  It would be nice if someone could
> investigate and report findings on what their experience is with
> maintaining both etc. to include in the installation instructions.

The problem is distro specific: on openSUSE you can have the distro
LibO + AOO + official LibO together without problems, but on ubuntu
and its derivatives, fedora and possibly others you'll have problems
with the distro's LibO. The message should be:

In general, AOO can be installed side by side with LibreOffice (both
suites use different directories). But for some Linux distributions it
is not that easy: when they switched from (the heavily modified
version of) OOo to the (also modified version of) LibO they packaged
their versions of LibO in a way that cause conflicts with OOo or AOO.
Notice that these problems are completely artificial and came from
some decisions made during packaging: on other distros like openSUSE,
this does not happen.


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