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From "Michal Hriň" <>
Subject Re: CMS diff: Why Apache OpenOffice: Great Software
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 16:04:20 GMT
Hi ,

This patch gives me errors, M+ on file and R_+_C on directories,
Kay, Joe or someone , can you look at this, is it my bug ?

I can't find in hurry what this status means ...

Regards, Michal Hriň

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Shenfeng Liu

Index: trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_great.mdtext
--- trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_great.mdtext	(working copy)
+++ trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_great.mdtext	(working copy)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-Title: Why Apache OpenOffice: Great Software
+Title: 为何选择Apache OpenOffice:杰出的软件
 Notice:    Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
            or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
            distributed with this work for additional information
@@ -16,18 +16,18 @@
            specific language governing permissions and limitations
            under the License.

-![Why Apache OpenOffice: Great Software](/why/images/why_great.png) #
+![为何选择Apache OpenOffice:杰出的软件](/why/images/why_great.png) #  

-Great Software requires great people. Apache OpenOffice is the result  
of over
twenty years' continuous high quality software engineering. Designed  
from the
start as a **single piece of software**, Apache OpenOffice has a  
consistency and
a quality that is world class. Its **open-source** development model  
means there
are no secrets.
+杰出的软件依赖于杰出的人。Apache OpenOffice凝聚了二十多年持续高质量软件工程的结晶。从最初的**单一软件**开始,Apache


-  - **Better by design**
+  - **更好的设计**

-    Developed over twenty years, Apache OpenOffice is a mature,  
product. OpenOffice was designed from the start as a single piece of  
software -
not bolted together from separate software packages. This makes it very
consistent and easy to use - what you learn in one application is  
usable in another. The context-sensitive help works across all  
unobtrusively providing the precise help you need. You can even open any  
type of
document from any application - OpenOffice is really one piece of  
software. It
also runs on all major computing platforms - Microsoft Windows,  
GNU/Linux, Sun
Solaris, Apple Mac - isn't that great!
+    历经二十余年开发,Apache OpenOffice是一款成熟可靠的产品。OpenOffice是从单一软件为设计起点——而不是将来自不同




-  - **Better for you**
+  - **更适合你**

-    Apache OpenOffice contains all the office software you need, in one  
package. You don't have to worry which version to install: one  
program provides everything. The installation also includes features  
which some
expensive rivals do not - for example, the ability to create .pdf files  
when you
want to guarantee what the recipient sees on their computer. There is  
also a
growing range of extensions: additional features that any developer can  
The Apache OpenOffice project releases software several times a year so  
you can
take advantage of new features as quickly as possible.
+    Apache OpenOffice在一个单一软件包中包含了所有你需要的办公软件。你不必苦恼于应选择安装什么:一个安装程序就包含了所有应用



-  - **Honest software**
+  - **诚信软件**

-    Apache OpenOffice is developed using an open-software, "no secrets"  

approach. Anyone can look at the programs and suggest improvements, or  
fix bugs.
Anyone can report problems or request enhancements, and anyone can see  
response from other users or developers. The status of current and  
releases is displayed on a public wiki, so you can decide if and when  
you want
to upgrade to take advantage of new features. Anyone used to commercial  
and its hyping and marketing speak will find Apache OpenOffice  
different. Enjoy the benefits of open-source!
+    Apache OpenOffice是使用开放软件开发的,遵循“没有秘密”的方式。任何人都可以查看这个项目并提出改进建议或修复缺陷。任何人



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