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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: Building OpenOffice with Visual Studio 2010
Date Tue, 28 Aug 2012 09:28:31 GMT
On 28.08.2012 10:51, Ian Harvey wrote:
> I have been experimenting with building OpenOffice (trunk) with Visual
> Studio 2010.  I have made some progress, but clearly more work remains.
> Is there an appropriate place to document/share/seek advice on progress
> to date within the projects' infrastructure? Perhaps an issue in Bugzilla?

Very cool.

An issue in Bugzilla would be good for tracking the progress.  For 
questions (and hopefully answers) ooo-dev is the right place.  Maybe a 
wiki page for documentation.

> Navigating the build system has been challenging.  Pointers to
> information to highlight how the build system works (so that any changes
> to accomodate VS2010 I make don't work contrary to the intent of its
> designers) would be appreciated.

I doubt that there is up-to-date information written down in the wiki. 
But please ask questions here on ooo-dev.

> The use of stlport by the Windows build causes some of the issues that I
> have encountered, perhaps through ignorance on my part about how stlport
> should be used.  Is the intention to continue using stlport, or should I
> investigate excising stlport from a hypothetical VS2010 build?

We would like to drop stlport but I think we are not there yet.  I think 
Herbert can say more about that.


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