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From Issac Goldstand <>
Subject Re: Open-office downloading site - FLV player advertisement
Date Mon, 27 Aug 2012 15:25:31 GMT
Maybe I'm missing something, but how is trying to police 3rd party
(Google) ads on a 3rd party (SF) distribution link a real concern of
this PPMC?

Adverts (and the downloads to go along with this) have been popular on
massive download portals for years, and will be for years to come. 
They're usually guaranteed to be virus/spyware-free because the
advertising networks, like Google in this case, have strict policies on
what software can be advertised like this - at least for the major
players in the Electronic Software Distribution industry.  And if
they're really not legit, you can bet they're playing cat-and-mouse with
the AV vendors, too.  And at the end of the day, there's too much money
on the line for all of the players involved for this kind of ads to be
completely cut, unless we gave up leveraging SF's distribution network,
which we really probably don't want to do, although I'd be happy to be
corrected if someone from infra disagrees.


On 27/08/2012 05:52, Roberto Galoppini wrote:
> On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 10:54 PM, Fernando Cassia <> wrote:
>> On Sun, Aug 26, 2012 at 5:19 PM, Roberto Galoppini <
>>> wrote:
>>> actually in different geographies are displayed different ads, and I need
>>> the actual URL to eventually report internally issues with malware. Can
>> you
>>> help me with that?
>> Yes, sure,
>> destination URL is
> Think this is a different one, though. Supervideoconverter seems to be
> virus-free.
> Also FLV videoplayer, at least the one I have been able to find googling,
> seems to be virus-free.
> It must be said that without the exact URL I can't check if that version of
> FLV videoplayer is virus-free.
> Roberto
>> And source image is
>> cached for the record, here:
>> and fwiw I get that while coming from an Argentina IP (186.142.241.x subnet
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>> FC
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