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From "Rony G. Flatscher (Apache)" <>
Subject Re: 3.4.1 Crashes on MacOS 10.7.4
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2012 10:18:55 GMT

On 25.08.2012 11:56, Andreas Säger wrote:
> Am 25.08.2012 09:44, Fernando Cassia wrote:
>> On Sat, Aug 25, 2012 at 4:18 AM, Andreas Säger <> wrote:
>>> Most of this office suite runs very well without Java.
>> Of course "most" does not include the database component.
>> "Java is required for complete OpenOffice (
>> functionality. Java is mainly required for the HSQLDB database engine
>> (used by our database product Base) and to make use of accessibility
>> and assistive technologies. Furthermore some wizards rely on Java
>> technology"
>> FC
> Even the database component works well without Java.
> Connect to some non-JDBC database, add queries and forms. For reporting you can still
use the Calc
> component.
> The most important core functionality is still there, otherwise we could not print serial
> without Java.
> The Java based "wizards" are totally counterproductive anyway. They hide more functionality
> they are able to offer.
> Mind that Java is just a major annoyance for many computer users (and for Microsoft of
course). I
> ran OOo 2.x without Java for many years and I am a comparatively heavy user of Base.

Just a few, brief remarks:

  * Java adds important functionality to AOO, like it or not. There are extensions, components
    written in Java that are helpful, like it or not. The AOO scirpting framework is written
    Java, hence removing Java removes the ability to add and use scripting languages besides
    and Python. Ad database: how can you run HSQL without Java, which is the default base
engine AOO
    has been using for many years now?
    Removing Java would cripple AOO bad times (for other reasons as well).

  * Problem at hand, some Java installation on Mac, which causes problems to one person so
    Shooting in the dark and pointing to untested Javas for MacOSX is not a solution, but
adds to
    the grief. So, as long as there is no correct error/problem description, please do not
point to
    "solutions" that are none. Java on MacOSX has been *very* special from the day that Apple
    tweaked it to get it into its UI and operating system the way Apple deemed to be the "correct"
    way. Until Sun/Oracle has not completely implemented all aspects of that special Apple
    support, and tested it and made a 32-bit version available to it, I regard any "solution"
    pointing to OpenJDK as adding confusion and problems to the table.

And a question ad MacOSX port of AOO:

  * One question I would have is: why is the MacOSX version of AOO compiled for 32-bit only?
    there any problems compiling and distributing a 64-bit version for MacOSX, now that the
    versions seem to be 64-bit ?


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