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From imacat <>
Subject 3.4.1 Crashes on MacOS 10.7.4
Date Sat, 25 Aug 2012 05:40:26 GMT
Dear all,

    One of our local user (he is not good in English) reported that
3.4.1 crashes on his MacOS 10.7.4, with clean new user profile.  I have
no MacOS to test, so I reported it here to see if there is anyone that
can help.  Raphael suggested that he should turn on both 32bit and 64bit
Java.  He did, but it still crashes.

    He uses Macbook Pro 13" Intel c2d 2.26GHz.  He barely found a
message in the system log saying that:

12/8/25 12:16:52.533am soffice: Warning - conversion from 64 bit to 32
bit integral value requested within NSPortCoder, but the 64 bit value
18446744073709551615 cannot be represented by a 32 bit value

    I have no clue on this.  Could anyone help?  Or should I ask for
more information?  Thank you.

Best regards,
imacat ^_*' <>

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