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From Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <>
Subject Re: Is this a UNO API bug?
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2012 05:28:04 GMT

On 08/21/2012 09:08 PM, dongjun zong wrote:
> Andrew,
>   I think you are right, I add a sleep time after insert page number 
> field before getText, the page number can get correct.
> But I think it's a bug for page number update issue.

Have you tried forcing an update? If so, then you won't need to wait.

I expect that an update may be a time consuming operation (say if you 
insert at page number 400, and it must refresh from the start). I once 
saw a problem where a document would open, but the initial page numbers 
were wrong. It took a while for the page numbers to be updated after the 
document loaded. The final solution was to issue a full refresh, which 
took time, but made it happen. So, the trade off was to allow the user 
to immediately see and edit the document rather than forcing them to 
wait for the refresh to occur on load. With a large document, this can 
take time.

My guess is that it takes significantly more time to create and insert a 
field than to trigger the update process. When the API is used to 
insert, we have no context on the operation so it seems reasonable to 
not make an immediate update before return. If the update process takes 
1000 times longer to occur (probably depends on document size and other 
factors, depending on what is updated), then if I want to insert 100 
fields, what might have taken a fraction of a second may now take minutes.

Commands triggered from the GUI can make the reasonable assumption that 
the user is not likely to perform that task a 100 times, and that a user 
is sitting right there and probably desires an immediate response to the 
command, so then the triggered code (a dispatch) includes the update 
task as part of the process.

If you think that not updating the single field immediately is a bug, 
you should try inserting a Table Of Contents (TOC).

So, although you are certain that it is a bug, and you may be right, I 
might call it a design decision that tends to make the typical user 
experience more performant; which is the usual case..... but this is 
mostly speculation on my part.

> Oliver, I have tired again, on my computer, if don't add sleep time, 
> it has problem for exist more than 2 page sample fie. You can try this 
> sample, add a page nubmer at end of this document. pls get this sample 
> from attachement.
> 2012/8/21 Andrew Douglas Pitonyak < 
> <>>
>     My expectation is that this is not a bug.
>     I think that this is probably a timing problem based on the speed
>     of the computer, the size of the document, how busy your CPU is,
>     etc. If you do not have a number, then the values have probably
>     not updated yet. Remember that the data model has no idea what
>     page number it really is. This value must be updated by the view
>     model / current controller (or something similar). If you have a
>     value, then it just so happens that the values updated
>     immediately. If you insert the value using the GUI, that code is
>     smart enough to then trigger the update before it returns.
>     On 08/21/2012 03:23 AM, dongjun zong wrote:
>         The strange thing is this API can works fine for doc sample
>         file. I guess
>         this is a bug.
>         2012/8/21 Andrew Douglas Pitonyak <
>         <>>
>             OK, I had to  look...
>             For a text field, see if you can call update. This may not
>             work if the
>             document has not finished repaginating. I have heard of
>             cases where a
>             document had not finished doing that before someone tried
>             to do stuff to
>             it. The solution was to tell the document to full refresh
>             (probably using a
>             dispatch).
>             On 08/21/2012 02:30 AM, Andrew Douglas Pitonyak wrote:
>                 Did you successfully insert the text field? If yes,
>                 then after you insert
>                 a text field, it has probably not yet refreshed its
>                 value. Off hand, I
>                 don't remember exactly what you need to refresh
>                 first.... I would need to
>                 look it up and I really need to run but figured it
>                 might help you a bit and
>                 you can look for the various refresh items (I think
>                 that you can refresh
>                 each index and for fields I think there may be a
>                 single master field
>                 refresh but I don't remember... have not done it in a
>                 long time.).
>                 On 08/20/2012 03:32 AM, dongjun zong wrote:
>                     Hi All,
>                          Using UNO API I do below operation.
>                     1.Launch a odt document,
>                     2.Create a page number field and insert into this
>                     docment
>                     3.Get the document text
>                     But in the step3, page number is not contained in
>                     the get text. But if I
>                     launch a doc document, I can get the page number
>                     in step 3. I think this
>                     is
>                     a UNO API bug, can some body help confirm? Below
>                     is my main code pieces.
>                     XMultiServiceFactory sevriceFactory =
>                     (XMultiServiceFactory)
>                     UnoRuntime.queryInterface(**XMultiServiceFactory.class,
>                     document);
>                               XTextField  pageNumberFiled =
>                     (XTextField)UnoRuntime.**queryInterface(XTextField.**class,
>                     sevriceFactory.createInstance(**"**PageNumber"));
>                               XPropertySet props =
>                     (XPropertySet)UnoRuntime.**queryInterface(XPropertySet.**class,
>                     pageNumberFiled);
>                     props.setPropertyValue("**NumberingType", 4);//Set
>                     page number
>                     display as Arabic
>                               XTextCursor xTextCursor =
>                     document.getText().**
>                     createTextCursor();
>                               xTextCursor.gotoEnd(false);
>                     document.getText().**insertTextContent(document.**getText().getEnd(),
>                     pageNumberFiled, true);
>                               String documentString =
>                     document.getText().getString()**;
>                               System.out.println(**documentString);
>             --
>             Andrew Pitonyak
>             My Macro Document:
>   **AndrewMacro.odt<>
>             Info:
>     -- 
>     Andrew Pitonyak
>     My Macro Document:
>     Info:

Andrew Pitonyak
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