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From Andrea Pescetti <>
Subject Re: What to say in AOO 3.4.1 release announcement about the ports? (BSD, Solaris, OS/2)?
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2012 19:42:49 GMT
Kay Schenk wrote:
> We can leave the porting page "as is" with winPenPack on it, and just
> see what happens. But I guarantee that based on comments on
> comments/questions we've already had over the past year, we will
> basically be obliged to list every other distributor that also feels
> they have legitimate distribution.
> And, listing winPenPack contradicts what we have on the "distribution"
> page:

No, there's a major difference between a "distribution" (a terminology 
existing at Apache but not in the previous project) and a 
"distributor" (which is terminology used in the old 
project and is what refers to, 
or used to refer to).

A "distribution" is a piece a software derived from OpenOffice. The 
winPenPack team (and PortableApps too, if/when they decide to provide 
it) takes the original binaries as downloaded from the OpenOffice 
website, performs a "fake installation", changes a few configuration 
settings and makes the result available on SourceForge as a 
"portable/live" variant of OpenOffice. Others might start from source, 
add extensions and templates (and even functionality) and obtain 
something called "Xyz, based on".

A "distributor", for the old project, was someone delivering unmodified 
copies of the source and binaries on CD-ROM (and/or 
selling download links, and this was considered borderline behavior). A 
portable version would have never been included in since that page/project was only 
related to different ways (rather than downloading from the official 
site) to obtain the unmodified


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