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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS][VOTE]: Release Apache OpenOffice 3.4.1 (incubating), RC2
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 11:06:27 GMT
On 16.08.2012 12:48, Ariel Constenla-Haile wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 09:30:13AM +0200, Andre Fischer wrote:
>>> Sorry, I'm a bit cranky right now. My cpan disappeared while trying
>>> to assure that I had the now required LWP::UserAgent. No one tested
>>> the new properly.
>> 1. LWP::UserAgent has been a prerequisite for years.  But I think
>>     I remember that it was temporarily removed from one of the older
>>     platform specific build instruction pages.
>> 2. Can you be more specific regarding your problems with
>> so that I can fix it?  It exists
>>     under this name for more than two months and since it is used in
>>     every setup of a build I would say that it is fairly well tested.
>>     But that does not mean that it is error free.
> He might have found something similar to this:

Hm, I did not perceive this as a persisting problem.  It seemed to have 
a simple solution.

> He has LWP::UserAgent but it's too old, a method is missing, so he tries
> to update the module with cpan. Updating Perl like this may brake other
> things in your system, I prefer keeping the system as it came, and
> install a local perl version.

If that is really the problem and updating Perl really is such a problem 
(I never experienced it as one) then I could try to make the use of 
LWP::UserAgent more compatible with older versions.

The biggest problem might be to lay hands on such old versions in a 
running system.

> IMO there is no fix for this: we check the perl version, we check the
> presence of LWP::UserAgent, but: does it make sense to check the
> LWP::UserAgent version too? Is it possible at all? The perl module does
> not document when a specific method was introduced, or I least
> I couldn't find that info in
> there
> is not such thing as a @since tag.

First we have to identify this as a real problem.  Then we (I, you, or 
anybody else) are certainly able to find a solution.  We might even use 
an alternative to LWP::UserAgent.


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