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From Raphael Bircher <>
Subject First Experiance with Testlink
Date Tue, 14 Aug 2012 07:57:15 GMT
Hi at all

I played around with the new testlink instance and I want to share my
first experiances. First of all, Testlink is quite different to the old
TCM. It's more complicated, but also more powerfull. And Testlink is

There are many different rules, for my point of view too many. But the
rules are compleet adaptable, and so we can simplify them, if we want.

I was able to create a project. At the moment we have only testprojects.
For my point of view, it makes sense to create a Project for each AOO
version. (AOO341 AOO35 etc.) Also I beleve it's a good idea to have a
basic project who all testcases are stored. The big question is, how to
bring over the testcases from a basic project to a working project. The
GUI from Testlink offer a possibility to build a project on the basis of
an other project. Unfortunaly this function does not take over the
testcases. You can export and import testcases via XML, but I don't know
if Testlink is able to handle multiple testcases export/import.

I was able to create a Testcases, but what I miss is a Checkbox for the
Testers (pass/fail) and a comment box. Also I miss a overview over all
tests. The first one will be easy to solve. We cann add this fields. The
seccond one is probabily not so easy.

Greatings to all
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