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From Andre Fischer <>
Subject Re: icon issues with 3.4.x on Linux with KDE 4
Date Fri, 03 Aug 2012 07:28:06 GMT
On 02.08.2012 23:14, Kay Schenk wrote:
> OK, here's the short story -- NOT a show stopper but this should be covered
> in Installation Guide (or a wiki article created to be referenced) until a
> good way to solve this -- not yet determined.
> This applies to openSUSE 11.4 on up and probably other *nixes now using
> KDE4 instead of KDE3.
> The 3.4.x installs and I think also 3.3 sets things up in KDE as if kde3
> were the default -- icons etc end up in /opt/kde3/share/icons/...
> Once the desktop-integration is run for SuSE, the applications themselves
> are recognized because they get installed in a default /bin directory, but
> the icons are NOT automatically attached to the executables in the graphic
> menues because the default location of icons in kde4 is
> "kde4_user_install_area"/share/icons vs /opt/kde3/share/icons/ where the
> desktop-integration now puts them...
> In my case "kde4_user_install_area" is /usr.

I remember one of my colleagues at Sun/Oracle had worked on a KDE4 
integration.  I think it was essentially finished but due to some 
non-technical reason was never integrated.  Maybe there is a child work 
space with the necessary changes that we could integrate?


> What this means is the icons are THERE, but you must manually make changes
> via the kde menuediting system -- kdemenuedit-- to make them show up
> correctly.
> Further thoughts... is it time to revisit the desktop-integration business?
> Can these made more generic based on something else for Linux -- window
> managers vs OSes?

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