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Subject Re: Apache OpenOffice 3.4
Date Sun, 05 Aug 2012 17:31:05 GMT
This is to follow Oliver's suggestion to mail this reply to 
_ooo-dev@incubator.apache.org_ ( , and  
to reply to his email... 
The autostarting of a "deactivated" Apache OO v3.4 problem 
is probably unrelated to the v3.4.1 upgrade.  
My program starts no matter what I try.  It has never been 
activated either from the tray icon or the usual Tools/Options 
menu.  I have gone into msconfig and can find nothing there 
that would indicate a programmed startup.  I've even used the 
AOL Computer Checkup function, with which I can supposedly 
keep any program from starting, but that doesn't keep the v3.4 
Apache upgrade from autostarting. 
The source from which I installed the v3.4 was I would think the 
usual source.  From the old OO, I was informed there was an 
upgrade available and clicked on that.  IIRC, I was sent to an 
Apache OO web page where I downloaded and installed the 
new v3.4.  I have had this autostart problem ever since. 
I was on vacation for a week, which is why this late reply.  I still 
need a fix for this.  It's tedious to have to close Apache Open 
Office each and every time I login, whether or not I restart the 
computer.  Please help! 
Yours truly, 
In a message dated 6/27/2012 4:10:18 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Hi  Paine,

On 22.06.2012 22:37, wrote:
> Hi  Oliver,
> Been there done that.  I tried the suggestions in that  forum
> thread before I emailed you for help.  When I went to  the
> tools/options/ box, the only checkbox
>  there is labeled:  Load during system startup.
> It  was not checked when I found it before I emailed you.  You
>  probably know that there is the same option when the systray
> icon is  right-clicked.  It, too, has never been checked.
> As for the  sysconfig suggestion, I had tried that by using a
> simpler  method.  You get the same box by clicking on the
> Start Menu and  typing in "msconfig.exe".  When I did that
> (also before I emailed  you) I did not find a box anywhere for
>, so that doesn't  help either.  It appears as
> though the v 3.4 is piggybacking on a  different program, and
> it's impossible to figure which one I'd have to  uncheck to get
> v 3.4 to stop opening every time I login.
> I  hope the bug fix in July does fix this, because that seems
> to be the  only option I have.
> Sincerely,
> Paine

Thanks for the  information and sorry for the late reply.

>From your original message I  did not know that you had already tried all 
available  workarounds.

The problem which will be fixed in AOO 3.4.1 does not look  like the one 
you are describing. What we are fixing in AOO 3.4.1 is  that an active 
quickstarter does not open a window on every login.
What  you are describing seems to be something like that even with an 
quickstarter AOO 3.4 is starting on every login.
As I am not an expert  in this area I am asking you to come back to our 
mailing list Thus, other community members 
pick up  the problem.

By the way, you are suspecting that your AOO 3.4 is  piggybacking on a 
program. Do you remember from which source you  get your AOO 3.4 

Best regards,  Oliver.

> In a message dated 6/22/2012 5:23:19 A.M. Eastern Daylight  Time,
> writes:
>   Hi,
>     On 22.06.2012 08:51, wrote:
>      > Hello,
>   >
>      > I would like to know how  to disable the autostart
>      > function.  When  I login to my computer, v 3.4 starts
>      >  automatically.  V 3.3 did not do that, and I would
>     > like v 3.4 not to start everytime I login.  Please  help!
>      >
>      Please have a look into the forum. Here is a link to a thread 
discussing  this
>     problem [1].
>   In AOO 3.4.1 the quickstarter will be fixed. Then it will be  working as
>     expected, again.
>   [1]
>      http:
>   Best regards,  Oliver.

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