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From "Karsten Burger" <>
Subject Mixed oneway and normal/synchronous UNO interface calls
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2012 13:19:30 GMT

I posted this to ooo-users but was advised to post it here:

I found this guarantee for oneway calls:

>>    sequence of calls:
>>    UNO allows declaring a method oneway (or asynchron). Multiple, 
>>    oneway calls are guaranteed to be executed in the same sequence as 
>>    they were called.

Now my question: what happens when oneway and normal synchronous calls are mixed?

We use UNO as a component framework for our large project (on Redhat Linux EL5.8)  with many
of our own interfaces. E.g. if several oneway calls are issued, and then a synchronous call,
does the synchronous call wait until the oneway calls are finished? Or are normal and oneway/async
calls not connected?

I also found this:

I seems to have been written in rather a hurry with several mistakes, so I am not sure whether
I understand it right, but it seems to state that all previous oneway calls are finished until
the synchronous call is executed, and the client blocks until this is finished.

Thanks in advance.


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