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From "Shenfeng Liu" <>
Subject CMS diff: Why Apache OpenOffice: Free software
Date Sun, 12 Aug 2012 03:05:18 GMT
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Shenfeng Liu

Index: trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_free.mdtext
--- trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_free.mdtext	(revision 1372039)
+++ trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_free.mdtext	(working copy)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-Title: Why Apache OpenOffice: Free software
+Title: 为何选择Apache OpenOffice:免费软件
 Notice:    Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
            or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
            distributed with this work for additional information
@@ -16,18 +16,18 @@
            specific language governing permissions and limitations
            under the License.
-![Why Apache OpenOffice: Free software](/why/images/why_free.png) # {.rfloatimg}
+![为何选择Apache OpenOffice:免费软件](/why/images/why_free.png) # {.rfloatimg}
-Apache OpenOffice is free software. That means you are free to download it, free to install
it on as many PCs as you like, free to pass copies to as many people as you like. You may
use OpenOffice for any purpose without restriction: private, educational, public administration,
commercial... Free, really free.
+Apache OpenOffice是一款免费软件。这意味着你可以免费下载,免费安装到任意数量的电脑上,随意将这款软件复制给其他人。你可以将OpenOffice使用于任何目的而无限制:个人,教育,公务,商务……真正的免费,真正的自由。
-  - **Free of charge**
+  - **没有费用**
-    It's hard to believe that high quality, easy to use software like Apache OpenOffice can
really be free. But thanks to contributions of time and money, from individuals and companies
(large and small), OpenOffice is free for you to use today. Furthermore, the open-source licence
used by OpenOffice means this freedom can never be taken away. The OpenOffice community are
delighted if you find our software of use. Please help us by telling people about Apache OpenOffice,
and if you can, pass them on a copy. More people use OpenOffice as a result of personal recommendation
than any other route.
+    很难相信象Apache OpenOffice这样的高质量、易用软件会是真正免费的。但要感谢那些个人与公司(无论大小)的贡献者所投入的精力与资金,OpenOffice如今可以供你免费自由使用。而且,OpenOffice所使用的开源协议保证了这种使用的自由永远不会被剥夺。请帮助我们将Apache
-  - **Freedom from worry**
+  - **免除顾虑**
-    However, a free software licence means much more than a one-off cost saving. It means
you never need worry again whether your software is legal, or whether it will expire some
day. For people responsible for a number of computers - from just a few in a small business,
hundreds in a school, thousands in a corporation - this is a huge weight off the mind. No
need for software audits, for keeping invoices for years, no worry about ending up in court
because you misread some small print in a licence agreement.
+    并且,一个免费的软件协议所意味的不仅仅是一次花费的节省。它意味着你永远不用再担心你的软件是否合法,或者它是否会在某一天过期。对于那些负责多台计算机——从小公司的几台,到学校的几百台,到一个大型企业的几千台——的人来说,这真是大大省了心了。不用进行软件审查,不用把发票存好几年,不必担心因为误读了许可协议中某一小段而最后上法庭。
-  - **We value your freedom**
+  - **自由选择**
-    As part of a community dedicated to free software, we also value your freedom of choice.
Apache OpenOffice will read and write files which can be used in other common office software.
It was the first software in the world to fully support the ISO standard for office file formats
which is being adopted by a growing number of software vendors. If you want to use other software,
we want you to be free to do so. If you want to change your PC from Microsoft Windows to Apple
Mac to Linux, we want you to be free to do so. If you like this approach, feel free to join
the Apache OpenOffice community.
+    作为致力于免费软件的社区,我们同样为你选择的自由而努力。Apache

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