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From "Shenfeng Liu" <>
Subject CMS diff: Why Apache OpenOffice: Easy-to-use
Date Tue, 07 Aug 2012 15:29:10 GMT
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Shenfeng Liu

Index: trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_easy.mdtext
--- trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_easy.mdtext	(working copy)
+++ trunk/content/zh-cn/why/why_easy.mdtext	(working copy)
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-Title: Why Apache OpenOffice: Easy-to-use
+Title: 为何选择Apache OpenOffice:易于使用
 Notice:    Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one
            or more contributor license agreements.  See the NOTICE file
            distributed with this work for additional information
@@ -16,19 +16,19 @@
            specific language governing permissions and limitations
            under the License.
-![Why Apache OpenOffice: Easy-to-use](/why/images/why_easy.png) # {.rfloatimg}
+![为何选择Apache OpenOffice:易于使用](/why/images/why_easy.png) # {.rfloatimg}
-Easy to choose, easy to install, easy to learn - Apache OpenOffice is the easy choice for
an office software suite. OpenOffice is suitable for complete beginners, but if you have used
any other office software, that's ok too. OpenOffice will make full use of what you already
know - through familiar screens and menus - and also what you have - by reading existing files
with no retyping.
+方便使用,方便安装,方便学习——Apache OpenOffice是办公软件的一款轻松选择。OpenOffice非常适合于完全没有经验的初学者,对有其它办公软件使用经验的人也很不错。OpenOffice可以通过熟悉的屏幕和菜单来充分利用你已有的使用经验,并且可以直接读取你已有的文件——而不必重新输入。
-  - **Use it immediately**
+  - **快速上手**
-    For people used to other office software, Apache OpenOffice is a pleasant surprise. It's
so straightforward! Studies have proved it is easier (and cheaper) to move to OpenOffice from
Microsoft Office than it is to upgrade to Microsoft's latest Office 2007. Because OpenOffice
is one piece of software, everything works consistently between applications. Even the help
system is the same. You don't even have to know which application was used to create a document
- OpenOffice will use the correct one. You only need to do a single download from the Internet
(or install from one CD) and you've got your office suite
+    对于习惯了其它办公软件的人来说,Apache OpenOffice是一个惊喜。它非常地简单易用!研究表明,从微软Office转移到OpenOffice上相对于升级到微软最新的Office
-  - **No need to retype**
+  - **无需重新输入**
-    We understand that many people already have documents which they have created using other
common office software packages. Apache OpenOffice can read these files with a very high degree
of accuracy, making migration to OpenOffice very straightforward. In fact, we have reports
where OpenOffice has been able to read files which the original software package had said
were corrupted and unusable. If your friends or colleagues use different software, you can
still swap files with them - but better still, give them a free copy of Apache OpenOffice!
+    我们知道很多人都已经有了很多用其它常见的办公软件包创建的文档。Apache
-  - **Part of a community**
+  - **走进社区**
-    When you're starting something new, it's great to know tens of millions of people have
been there before you. Apache OpenOffice is developed, translated, supported, and promoted
by an international community of tens of thousands of enthusiasts. If you have ever waited
for ages for paid-for support from a commercial software provider, community support from
enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers may come as a surprise. You may even find yourself
talking to people who have developed or translated the software you are using. Welcome to
the community!
+    当你开始尝试一些新东西的时候,如果你知道之前已经有几千万人有过相同经历,那感觉真是很棒。Apache

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