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From Kevin Grignon <>
Subject Re: [UX] DISCUSS - Survey Tool Recommendation
Date Mon, 20 Aug 2012 01:12:33 GMT
KG01 - see comments inline

On Aug 18, 2012, at 9:34 AM, Graham Lauder <> wrote:

>>> On 16/08/2012 Rob Weir wrote:
>>>> On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 12:47 AM, Kevin Grignon wrote:
>>>>> I've been looking at various survey tools and would like to recommend
>>>>> that we deploy the open source survey tool, *LimeSurvey.*
>>> Perfect. It is a good tool and it is in continuity with what the project
>>> used to use, see my old e-mail at
>>> C4

KG01 - Great news. Most gracious. 

>>>> 1) A volunteer hosts the survey outside of Apache at their existing
>>>> domain name
>>>> 2) A volunteer hosts the survey outside of Apache and some pays $15 or
>>>> so to get a better domain name for it, like
>>>> 3) A volunteer hosts the survey outside of Apache but we redirect the
>>>> subdomain "" to point to the external server
>>> As I wrote in the same e-mail, Graham had written he had a working
>>> LimeSurvey installation that he could make available to the project:
>>> . So I'd try with that first, and I'd probably
>>> prefer option 3 to keep all services under one namespace.

KG01 - yes, a natural language oriented name such as "" would be great.

>>> Regards,
>>>   Andrea.
>> Just having long loud discussions with the host at the moment because the
>> site is broken, looks like an update has gone bad.  As soon as it's sorted
>> we can be in to it.
>> We should probably still do the survey design on the wiki however.

KG01 - Indeed, I have been capturing the survey questions on the wiki. I will also start to
build the survey groups (question collections) in LimeSurvey to be ready to import into our
hosted instance, when available.

>> Cheers
>> G
> Good grief, server meltdown and they're talking about 72 hours before it's up 
> again. 

KG01 - No worries, as long as we can get cracking by the end of the week. 

KG01 - Please share server details and user credentials when available. 
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