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From Pedro Giffuni <>
Subject Issues building Symphony
Date Sat, 04 Aug 2012 03:33:24 GMT

I tried configuring Symphony under FreeBSD and I can basically confirm
that the instructions in the Wiki are wrong. The Wiki here's_source_code

mentions --disable-build-mozilla but that option doesn't work, you need

Under FreeBSD the basic configure procedure is somewhat complicated
because cups and other thirdparty software is installed in /usr/local.
The version of in Symphony still has references to the
obsolete Pentaho stuff.

I did get it to configure with this set of options:
./configure --x-includes=/usr/local/include --x-libraries=/usr/local/lib \
--without-junit \
--disable-odk \
--disable-mozilla \
--enable-category-b \
--with-system-zlib \
--disable-gstreamer \
--with-system-libxml \
--enable-bundled-dictionaries \


The next issue is this:

build -- version: 275224
Ambiguous paths for module hunspell: /usr/ports/editors/symphony/work/ooo/main/hunspell and
/usr/ports/editors/symphony/work/ooo/ext_libraries/hunspell at /usr/ports/editors/openoffice-3-devel/work/ooo/main/solenv/bin/
line 244


I guess I can use some brute force to get it to build but I am wondering if that
makes sense :(. We will see ...



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