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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Apache OpenOffice (I) at Oscon
Date Tue, 17 Jul 2012 12:27:45 GMT
On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 12:41 AM, Louis Suárez-Potts <> wrote:
> Hi
> I'm at Oscon for most of the week Oscon is the open source convention of note and where
the term, "open source" was in fact coined. It draws those from all sectors. Apache has a
room tomorrow, where I can present a brief (or boringly long) summary of work being done.
I expect critiques as well as queries regarding process and product.
> I've kept in touch with what is going on. But my interest is in learning what you have
to say and would have me say. It's not an official representation that I'll give; it's more
a subjective zeitgeist presentation.
> So here are some areas:
> * status of the product: where are we?
> * status of the product: where are we going, what is the next release and when?

AOO 3.4 released on May 8th.   Now working on AOO 3.4.1, with target
release at end of July.

> * status of the product: how popular is it? We've just breached 7M downloads since inception
of AOO (i) but where do we stand regarding locations of downloads, etc? What kinds of platforms?
What languages?

We just exceeded 8 million downloads.

Platform distribution is:

Windows: 87%
Mac: 11%
Linux: 2%

Language distribution is:

38%: en-US
16%: fr
12%: de
11%: it
7%: es
7%: ja
4%: ru
2%: nl
2%: zh-TW
1%: cs
<1%: zn-CN, ar, gl, hu

> * Status of project: how are the NLCs doing?

Recently created L10n mailing list.   # of translations increasing,
though we're still short of where OOo 3.3 was.

> * Status of community: what can be done in the community to improve?
>         - communication efforts?
>         - regional outreach?
>         - other?

I'm sure you have thoughts here.

> These are all fairly obvious and even whimsical questions and points; feel free to add
more.  The presentation, too, will be brief—
> Thanks
> Louis

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