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From Rob Weir <>
Subject Re: Discussion on Bug 119639, the requirement conflicts with ODF standard
Date Mon, 23 Jul 2012 13:17:21 GMT
On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 2:11 AM, Clarence GUO <> wrote:
> HI~
> I'm investigating bug 119639. Basically I need ODF standard to support
> chart:percentage attribute not only in <chart:plot-area> applied style but
> also in <chart:series> applied style. However ODF v1.2 says for
> chart:percentage attribute "This attribute is evaluated for chart styles
> that are applied to a <chart:plot-area> element.". So the requirement is
> conflict with the ODF standard. So is there any method can satisfy my
> requirement without ODF standard change? The details please reference below
> explanation. I also post it as comment to this bug.

Two possibilities:

1) Generally we should avoid reinterpreting existing ODF
elements/attributes.  But if we believe that something in ODF is
ambiguous or wrong, then we can make a proposal to the OASIS ODF TC to
adjust the meaning of existing ODF markup.  The main restriction here
is that the ODF TC will generally not make changes that would break
existing documents or implementations.

2) If we need to make a bigger change, ODF allows implementors to
extend it.  So we can add new elements and attributes, but they cannot
be in an ODF namespace.   We need to put the new markup in our own XML

If we need to extend ODF I'd recommend also:

a) We track on a special wiki page exactly what additions we make to
the document format.

b) We think carefully about backwards compatibility and how the new
markup will be treated by other applications

c) If we think the new feature would be useful to other editors we can
propose adding it to ODF 1.3, as an official part of the standard.


> The chart in the sample is not a standard chart but a composite chart.
> Series 1, 2 and 4 are percent stacked columns which were applied to the
> main Y axis, while series 3 is normal column which was applied to the
> secondary Y axis. So series 3 will cover some part of Series 1, 2 and 4.
> MS Office supports such chart. It can set one or more data series to
> another chart type. AOO's UI cannot do this. But the chart kernal function
> supports. So when open the sample file the chart looks OK. However, the ODF
> format doesn't support this, that why after save the sample to ods and
> reopen, the chart becomes incorrect(Series 3 occupy 100% space of the
> percent stacked column).
> The reason is AOO defined a style 'ch4' and applied to <chart:plot-area>.
> In this style, the chart:percentage attribute was set to true. This
> attribute specifies a percentage accumulation of values per category.
> Because this style was applied to <chart:plot-area>, then all data series
> are regarded as percent columns. And series 3 is a unique data series which
> applied to the secondary Y axis. So it occpy the total 100% space so that
> other data series are all covered.
> If want to fix this defect, must move chart:percentage attribute from the
> style which applied to <chart:plot-area> to the style which applied to
> <chart:series>. However, for this attribute, ODF 1.2 says "This attribute
> is evaluated for chart styles that are applied to a <chart:plot-area>
> element.". So my requirement is conflict with the ODF standard.
> Then how can I fix this defect? It seems the only way is to change the
> standard and change the corresponding filter code. But I know change the
> standard is not easy...

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