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From Clarence GUO <>
Subject Re: Discussion on Bug 119639, the requirement conflicts with ODF standard
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2012 01:18:06 GMT
Thanks Rob and Andrea.
I will consider your suggestions.

2012/7/23 Rob Weir <>

> On Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 2:11 AM, Clarence GUO <>
> wrote:
> > HI~
> > I'm investigating bug 119639. Basically I need ODF standard to support
> > chart:percentage attribute not only in <chart:plot-area> applied style
> but
> > also in <chart:series> applied style. However ODF v1.2 says for
> > chart:percentage attribute "This attribute is evaluated for chart styles
> > that are applied to a <chart:plot-area> element.". So the requirement is
> > conflict with the ODF standard. So is there any method can satisfy my
> > requirement without ODF standard change? The details please reference
> below
> > explanation. I also post it as comment to this bug.
> >
> Two possibilities:
> 1) Generally we should avoid reinterpreting existing ODF
> elements/attributes.  But if we believe that something in ODF is
> ambiguous or wrong, then we can make a proposal to the OASIS ODF TC to
> adjust the meaning of existing ODF markup.  The main restriction here
> is that the ODF TC will generally not make changes that would break
> existing documents or implementations.
> 2) If we need to make a bigger change, ODF allows implementors to
> extend it.  So we can add new elements and attributes, but they cannot
> be in an ODF namespace.   We need to put the new markup in our own XML
> namespace.
> If we need to extend ODF I'd recommend also:
> a) We track on a special wiki page exactly what additions we make to
> the document format.
> b) We think carefully about backwards compatibility and how the new
> markup will be treated by other applications
> c) If we think the new feature would be useful to other editors we can
> propose adding it to ODF 1.3, as an official part of the standard.
> -Rob
> > The chart in the sample is not a standard chart but a composite chart.
> > Series 1, 2 and 4 are percent stacked columns which were applied to the
> > main Y axis, while series 3 is normal column which was applied to the
> > secondary Y axis. So series 3 will cover some part of Series 1, 2 and 4.
> > MS Office supports such chart. It can set one or more data series to
> > another chart type. AOO's UI cannot do this. But the chart kernal
> function
> > supports. So when open the sample file the chart looks OK. However, the
> > format doesn't support this, that why after save the sample to ods and
> > reopen, the chart becomes incorrect(Series 3 occupy 100% space of the
> > percent stacked column).
> > The reason is AOO defined a style 'ch4' and applied to <chart:plot-area>.
> > In this style, the chart:percentage attribute was set to true. This
> > attribute specifies a percentage accumulation of values per category.
> > Because this style was applied to <chart:plot-area>, then all data series
> > are regarded as percent columns. And series 3 is a unique data series
> which
> > applied to the secondary Y axis. So it occpy the total 100% space so that
> > other data series are all covered.
> > If want to fix this defect, must move chart:percentage attribute from the
> > style which applied to <chart:plot-area> to the style which applied to
> > <chart:series>. However, for this attribute, ODF 1.2 says "This attribute
> > is evaluated for chart styles that are applied to a <chart:plot-area>
> > element.". So my requirement is conflict with the ODF standard.
> > Then how can I fix this defect? It seems the only way is to change the
> > standard and change the corresponding filter code. But I know change the
> > standard is not easy...

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